Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Somedays I just have to sort everything out.

Woke up today with the need to sort out and tidy. So I started with all the girls toys in the corner of the living room. And now everything has a place and looks lovely. Thought I'd get a picture for you all, before the girls see what I've done and it all goes on the floor. Molly was very pleased with it all and said wow! And thank you mummy. That made me feel all warm inside and all my efforts had been worth while.

Now the girls can have tea parties at the table, you can just see Buttercup Bunny in her highchair, ready for some carrots.
I'm sure when Ben gets in he'll be brought endless cups of tea and slices of cake. lol He loves all that and really joins in. He's a great Daddy.
I must say this little table and two chairs has got to be one of the best things I've bought. Only £19 from Ikea.
My oldest daughter had it when she was Molly's age (2) It is lovely that she kept it and has now given it to her baby sisters. It must of been painted about 5 times now. You can't see the top very well because of the pretty table cloth, but I have put some of that chalk paint on it. And the girls love nothing more than scribbling and drawing with the big chalks. And I just wash it all off ready for use another day. I recommend a pot. £5.99 Homebase or B&Q.
Big help for mum's with arty children and not to messy.

After sorting, tidying and vacing the floors. I had a coffee and took a couple of pictures of some more of my favourite things. I have a bit of a thing for jugs lol (the kitchen sort not the boob variety for all you naughty minded people) lol These are my 4 favs. You cant really see the dots on the two pink ones, but they just gorgeous. Two good buys from Susie Watson. I really do love her pottery. I think they look nice on the side with the other two jugs and my pink enamel bread and biscuit tins. A lovely 30th birthday from my Mum and Dad. They where sweet enough to buy me the whole range. All in that lovely baby pink colour. Mum said well your only 30 once. Just let us treat you.

Thankyou Mum and Dad x

The whole jug thing makes my partner Ben laugh, because we're not aloud to use them, they must just look gorgeous on the side. He says it's a woman thing. And then rolls his eyes at them. Which makes me laugh. Yes all us ladies have to have pretty things to look! Don't we?

I had to share this with you. It's my mothers day card from my oldest daugther, sent this year. I just had to get a frame for it and hang it on the wall. The words simply say Mum I Love You.

She said she saw it and immediately thought of me. :) thanks Jade, I look at it everyday and think of you. x

Lastly this was last night in our living room, it must of been the weather but all of us went mad, we played chase daddy, jump on mummy and tiggle everyone. The noise lol my poor neighbours, what must they think of us. We have wooden floors throughout the living room and dinning room. And I think sometimes we must sound like a heard of elephants charging round.

It was fun, I love times like that, no telly or music on. Just good old fashioned fun with my family. Money just cant buy that.

And the girls where so tired out after all the ruff and tumble, they both went to bed early. So mummy and daddy had some nice quiet too. Arrr bliss.

Right I fancy a cuppa now, so I'll see you soon.

Catherine x


Rubyred said...

I wish I woke up with the need to sort and tidy!Your jugs are lovely!(no pun intended)What a good idea with the chalk paint.

buttercup & roses said...

Loving your blog!
I have all the same things in my kitchen, The jug,breadbin,ect,ect...We must have fabulous taste!
P.s. Will prob start selling from website at the end of the summer holidays.

Tracy said...

the room looks beautiful I love the girlyness of it all.Love your blog also.