Thursday, 14 June 2007

Wheres the day gone? It just flys by on housework Thursday.

Where has the whole day gone, it seems like only 5 mins ago that I got up. At least now I can sit down, have my mocha and write today's post.
So far all the days been is clean, clean, clean. Washing on and out on the line, dusting and vacuum, wiping windows, mirrors and the girls faces. Then more washing on and bring the rest in and put it all away. wow it's feels like it's never ending. Stop for a bit of lunch and clear that all away and I'm done. Yeay! All ready for next time.

I love those programs where the mum's go on strike, they do make me laugh. Why do some men just think that we have little magic fairies that come in and do everything for us as soon as they've gone out the door to work? And we get to put our feet up, read magazines, drink coffee and eat chocolates. (I dream of this but it never happens lol )
I cant moan though my Ben is very good at helping with the running of the house and looking after the girls. He even cooks.
Lets say a big thankyou, all us lucky women who have one in a million partners. For this we love you. (Especially the ones that let us have all the pink kitchen accessories) lol

This is a little collection of fabric I got on Tuesday, while out at Bluewater. I don't think I have a favourite, I love them all. So pretty and make me feel all sunny.

As you can see I'm putting the vintage cake stand to good use. And coming up with new pictures for Mollycupcakes website. Thought the cupcake card looked great on here, I'll take this with me to the fair, as a display.
These cards are just so yummy looking, Katy at bakes them all and photos them, ready for printing onto sweet smelling birthday and other occasion cards.
She is one of my favourite suppliers and her cards will be arriving on my site over the next couple of weeks, just working on the pictures.

These are just some ideas, hope you like them. Any tips? I'd love to hear them.
Molly has had a very busy day and needed to put her feet up. It's my favourite chair and she loves it too. Only cost 99p what a bargain! I painted it baby pink and made a new back and seat for it, in lovely dotty and vintage rose fabric. So girlie.

I'd like to find a old fashion deck chair to restyle and give a pretty new look. Must get out to some boot fairs.

It's shopping night tonight, so I must get ready soon lol

I've been reading through other blogs, ones that my friend Tracy x has recommended. There are so many lovely and happy people on here, all with very similar hobbies, interested and beautiful families. It's just like one big family and very nice to be apart of.

Thanks for brightening my days x

Tracy x

Julia x Vintage heaven

Lastly I had to pop this picture on today's post, yes I've gone peg mad! and this is just a small amount of them. There is still another 40 to paint, dot and cupcake on.

A lovely and well timed order came in. I'll give the web address when they have it up and running. Will be well worth a look, lots of vintage furniture, fabrics and gifts for the home.

Opens next week. So good luck to The Little Polka Dot Pot.

And many thanks x

I've rambled on and ran out of time now, so see you all tomorrow.

x Catherine


julia said...

Lovely blog, nice to have you with us. How have you got the patience to paint all those pegs, I'm amazed!

What a bargain that chair was, it looks fab after your treatment, especially with the addition of that cute little girl!

I'll be back soon

Julia x

Ragged Roses said...

You were so lucky with that chair! Days that are full of housework are just so frustrating and oddly rewarding for the five minutes that my house looks clean and tidy! Have a good weekend.
Kim x