Saturday, 23 June 2007

All good things come to those who wait.

I was so pleased when the postman knocked this morning and had two lovely parcels in his hands. One was a replacement dinner plate, so we now have a full set at last. And the other packet was these two beautiful handmade bags. A very talented lady called Helen who works under the name Ditsy Designs made them. I ordered the large bag for myself and she was very kind to send me the baby size for Molly. Who loves it and took it out with her to the shops today, just like her mummy. We looked so cute. lol
Many thanks Helen x
You can find her lovely handmade items on Ebay under ditsydesigner, she's well worth a look.

Got just a couple of pieces of fabric today. They didn't have all the ones I'm after, so I'll have to go to Bluewater again. The Laura Ashley's a lovely size there. I love the rose one it's very pretty. Will be able to make something nice with it I'm sure.

Had to show you this picture of Daisy feeding herself yogurt, she got in such a mess lol But she had a great time doing so. I just love this stage of little ones. The I can do it myself and get it everywhere stage. lol Funny she didn't throw any of this on the floor, why do they always throw the dinner on the floor but eat all the pudding?
We have my oldest daughter Jade staying with us this weekend, Molly just loves her. I think this picture just says it all. It's lovely to have her here. We're all off to visit family tomorrow at Bexhill on sea, looking forward to that. I hope it's a sunny day. We can all go to the beach, the girls will enjoy that. Especially Daisy. She'll see how much sand she can collect in her nappy and how much she can eat. lol

Love you big sis x Molly.

Well Daisy's nearly there with the walking. She can walk holding on to things and that now includes her big sister toy trolley. Clever girl your be running soon and then Molly had better watch out. lol
Enjoy your Sunday.

x Catherine

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Rubyred said...

The bags are beautiful aran't they?Love your fabrics.Have a lovely time at the beach!