Sunday, 8 July 2007

Let the sunshine!

It was so lovely to wake up to sunshine on Saturday morning. I was up with the girls nice and early and gave my hubby Ben a lay in, He's been working very hard and staying up all hours, plugging away on our new look website. So I think he deserved it. Plus he did all the driving on Saturday and that's very tiring in the heat.
I put together a picnic of ham salad and egg sandwiches, crisps, cherry tomato's, strawberries, grapes, banana cupcakes, yogurt's, chunks of cheese and cold drink. Popped it all in a basket with pink dotty plates to eat it off and a pretty flowered sheet to sit on. Some toys for the girls to play with and big brolly and suncream to keep the sun off.
Off we set, first stop my favourite little shop Cupcakes in Hawkhurst, I just had to go there for one last look, as sadly it will be closing very soon. :(. The lovely owner Tracy is moving off to pastures new and green in Scotland. Wishing you, your partner and all the animals the very best of luck with your big move. x
Look what I picked up from the shop, this beautiful vintage pink jug. (Just gorgeous). Checkout her website for more lovely items

As the day went on we stopped off at Cranbrook and popped into a couple of nice shops there. What a pretty little village. They have this lovely old windmill, which is open to the public on Saturdays from 2.30pm. And there are lots of different shops and cafes to visit. I popped some business cards into a couple that took my fancy. This one was my favourite, Maisie K. It was full of gorgeous gifts and goodies for little girls and big girls too. Molly just loved it in there, pink and fluffy items from the floor to the ceiling. Every girls heaven. I hope to hear from them, think I'll pop them a sample pack of pegs in the post. (Well you have to promote yourself! don't you?)
After we'd left here we where all very hungry, so Ben drove us out to the Headcorn Aerodrome. And we set out the picnic, tucked into the food and watched the planes land and take off. Molly and Daisy really enjoyed that. And got very excited when the took off, they screamed with delight. Bless them.
Once we'd eaten, Molly played with one of their bunnies, this ones called Berry. And she really belongs to Daisy but Molly wanted her today and was more than happy to feed her carrot and cake. She chatted away to her making sure she was happy. That was so sweet watching her play and Daisy didn't mind she was off having fun with her daddy, playing chase the ball.
Here are the girls with Ben, he's giving driving lessons. Daisy says " look I can drive, it's easy" scream if you want to go faster! lol

Tell if this is your wake up call on a Sunday morning at 7.30am "Look mummy I've found Mog and Bunny" This was my wake up call today, Mog and Bunny book and cuddly wet eared Buttercup Bunny in the face. lol (Nice!) So up I got and came downstairs to see the sun shining and the birds singing. No not really! I got the lay in today, yeay! my gorgeous hubby Ben came downstairs with the girls and made them breakfast and kept them happy until I joined them later. Arr the bed to myself, what bliss!

Thanks Ben your the best x

When I did come downstairs the sun was shining and birds where singing, it was a lovely morning. The girls got to play their sandpit, so now the whole patio looks like a beach, (why do they have to throw it everywhere?) and why does Daisy like the taste of it so much? lol
It was so nice to be able to sit outside and drink my coffee and eat my toast in the sun, just what Sundays should be like.

As the Tour De France was on and most of the roads closed today we went out for a walk up to Rochester and back again, sorry to say the only bikers we saw where from a distance, I'm not really into sports so it didn't bother me that much and by the time we got the Rochester they'd all gone. Don't know what all the fuss was about lol

This is Megan helping with the grass cutting, she's looking for mice, "I know I left one under here somewhere!" silly puss.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.

Catherine x


buttercup & roses said...

That picnic sound just yummy...
Any chance you could pack one up and send it to me?!!!lol.

What a gorgeous weekend it's been...About time we had some nice weather!


Rubyred said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your family!Hope the shops get back to you with some orders,it's difficult to know how to approach them isn't it?

Ragged Roses said...

Sounds like you made the most of that sunshine. We were out all day yesterday and it was wonderful! Good luck with the shops too. The Brighton Open Houses are open during Brighton Festival in May (weekends only), but some are open at Christmas time too. Worth a visit!
Kim x

julia said...

Glad you had a good weekend, it's amazing how different everything feels when the sun shines!

Julia x

sarah said...

just discovered you, i LOVE you rabbits they are so cute. Hope the sun stays with us now. Sarah x

Alison said...

Oooohh I love picnics!
Sounds like you have had a lovely weekend.

Rubyred said...

Just had a look at your website.It looks lovely,very professional!How long does it take you to paint those pegs?