Monday, 16 July 2007

Sea, sand, town houses and beach huts!

When we win the lottery (here's dreaming) I want to buy this gorgeous place. Just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It's seated at the bottom of the town, across the road from it is a cute little antique shop and up a bit further a butcher, bakers and lots of other interesting shops to visit. And all the fish and chips you could eat. The colour is great, so bright and pretty, just right for the seaside setting it's in. And would make you smile even on cold winter days.

We got photos of the front and back. It looks right on to the beach and out to sea. And you can just open up the back gate and walk out and along to where the craft/vintage fair is held. My idea of heaven. But I'm of course we was only dreaming. After looking it up on the Internet that night and saw it was for sale at £615'000, that brought all my dreams back down to earth with a big bump :( I had visions of the girls playing in the garden, while I worked in my little summer house creating new beautiful items too sell. And Ben in his office, looking out at us. And big family Christmas's, with chilly walks along the seafront before dinner. Well one day maybe? if you work hard enough in this life you can achieve anything.
And if we win the lotto, I'll be knocking on that door for sure hehe!

So maybe one of these cute beach huts would be affordable. They are just adorable. I photoed my 2 favourites. This one was open when we came back and all the inside was decorated in the same blue and had blue and white polka dot curtains hanging up and sweet little cream deck chairs and table. Set out on it was a yummy looking cream tea, served from a pretty vintage dinner set. Very shabby chic.
The pink one was the sweetest and Molly loved it, saying "Mummy likes the pink house Daddy" Ben just laughed and said "I bet she does" I would of loved to see the inside of this one but sadly it wasn't being used that day. I'll just have to imagine. And hope it's open next time we visit. Cor! I'm nosy lol
Here's just another photo of one of the beaches, this one gets very busy. We used our heads and went to the further away one, it's just a short walk away from here. And the parking is free ;)
This is the seagull Molly was feeding chips too, look how big he is. She was a little scared at first but soon realised he'd run if she got to close and that was more fun than feeding him lol. Poor bird all he wanted was some grub. Ben named him Boris and he seemed to follow us for a while until he saw all the chips had gone. And off he went and Molly waved goodbye.

If you click this photo you'll see Daisy's enjoying a mouthful of sand, argh! I give up trying to stop her and Ben just can't watch lol She'll give up eating it in her own time. All I can say is it must taste good because she shoveled handfuls in. Crazy little thing. And the more we said no the more she did it. Anyone else's children eaten strange things?
This is a good sign of a fun and happy day, 2 tuckered out little girls fast asleep in the back of the car. Dreaming of sandcastles, sea, shells, and ice-creams.

Even Buttercup Bunny slept all the way home. Bless!
I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely weekend, with the bit of sun that shone. I must say I'm a very nice mocha colour now, even with the 50+ suncream I had on. Sadly my legs are still whiter than white, makes Ben laugh to see them. They do need a bit of work lol. Lucky I don't wear many shirts, so they can stay hinden for a while longer :)
Oh I didn't get a butter dish, not yet! but I know there is one out there somewhere just waiting for me too come along and find it.

Take care x

Bye for now

Catherine x


sarah said...

orrr Molly is so sweet ! and i love the cake bag and blanket Molly is sat on.

Rubyred said...

Wow! You never know one day it could be yours! We all have to dream!Those beach huts are sweet!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oooohhh those beach huts are scrumptious! I love beach huts!
Wish I could have seen that one that was open ~ sounds pretty.
Alison x

kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Come and live up north (!!!!****????) for £615,000 you could buy a mansion !!!
It's not fair that houses are sooooo expensive,they're just not worth it,I'm sure that there will be a price crash like the 80's.
Still I am sure you will get something just as good as you work hard and are a kind person.It's also good to aspire to something there'd be no reason to try otherwise.
I bet you could paint a garden shed pink and make a mini beach hut.
You got the sure got the talent...

Suzie Sews said...

Lovely lovely post, Oh dreaming of beach days...
Suzie Sews

Annie's Abode said...

It is important to dream! I love the beach huts and aren't they in yummy colours. It would have been nice to see the blue one open - it's sounds lovely!
Love Ax

buttercup & roses said...

Im always dreaming of living in the perfect house,.. Im constantly looking on rightmove, making myself frustrated ,looking at all the beautiful houses that I dream of owning one day!
Perhaps when Im really rich I can buy one of those beach huts to go with my huge 8 bedroom town house...Well, we can all dream cant we???
Lovely pics sweetie.

Ragged Roses said...

Molly is a sweetie! If we win the Lotto you might have to share that house! -gorgeous. I love beach huts too.
Kim x

Flea Market Queen said...

Aw...So sweet!