Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Pigeons, old bread and a good book.

Set off this morning with the girls ready for another visit to the playtime morning at Early Learning Centre. Today was sticking and drawing and we brought home 2 new master pieces for the drawing line. I got some chunky crayons too, as Daisy likes to eat the small ones we have at home already. She doesn't seem to like the taste of the chunky ones lol funny little thing. What strange things she's eaten: Sand, rabbit food, Daisies, paper and crayons. It's just a stage she's going through (I'm hoping!)

Once we'd done the playtime I took them off to the library and the park next to it.

Some old bread and a few pigeons made for a fun time. And Molly and Daisy fed and chased the poor things until they flu off

We left happy that we'd given them some well needed exercise. Fat birds.

Off we went for home before those big black clouds got us all wet.

After a nice bit of lunch and a coffee for me. I thought it was time for Buttercup bunnies foot to be mended. She's holding up for you to see. She's so loved and has to walk everywhere that Molly walks, so this means her feet are black with dirt and worn. What a sorry sight, poor bunny :(

As I was in the mood for sewing. I though Buttercup deserved a pretty new summer outfit.

Doesn't she look posh? Summer dress and matching hat. Molly loves it and wants her to have a little bag too. So I'll make one soon.
I'm not that good really at sewing but I am very pleased with this and it made Molly happy so that's always a good thing.
I had to pop these 2 photos of my messy draws, just to make another fellow blogger feel better about hers. I hope it's worked, Julia at Vintage Heaven. This first one is my recipe/ children's art draw. Funny mix I know (don't ask lol)
And this ones got just about anything and everything in it. Drives Ben mad, cos we don't use half the stuff in there but I cant throw any of it away. (Just in case one day we do need it). Makes me laugh to see him rooting though it looking for things. I'm so mean!.
Anyway there you go my messy draws for you all to see! lol Come join our club.
Lastly I picked this up today from the library and I cant put it down. Think I might even buy it. Well worth a read, a bit of a tear jerker though and I've only read the first chapter.
I'd better say good night and give myself a pat on the back because this was my first blog posted from the laptop. Yes I've now joined all the other ladies that sit up in bed blogging away. I'm now a techie kitten lol that's what my Ben says.

More from me tomorrow.

Catherine x


sarah said...

love your bunnies. Sarah x

Ragged Roses said...

Love bunnie's new dress! Love to have a laptop but we would be joined at the hip - hard enough to get me off the computer as it is! Hope you enjoy your holiday in England (think we're doing the same) so much to do in Sussex and Kent, think of all those farms we're all going to be visiting!!
Kim x

sarah said...

hi your the winner of the unpicker and case, can you email me.
Sarah x

buttercup & roses said...

Hi, just to let you know...You've been tagged!!,

Thanks for your lovely comments sweetie.x

Victoria May Plum said...

Cute bunnies!
I have just found your blog and discovered you have a little Daisy too - how lovely
Victoria x