Monday, 23 July 2007

Wow I've been busy, no time to post everyday Argh!

First I have to say a very big thank you to Sarah over at Pink-Petal-Designs for my lovely gift. I won her give away and these lovely items arrived a few days later. A cute unpicker and case, which she as made, some dottyheart tops and navy buttons. I'll find a use for them I'm sure.
Many thanks Sarah your a real sweetie x

I want to thank everyone that wished me luck with the open day at Luddesdown Farm, it was a great day, with lots of sales and a couple of orders too. Even though it was raining cats and dogs when we arrived the sun broke through and shone for the rest of the afternoon. And it brought with it lots of lovely families looking for a nice day out.
Molly, Daisy Ben and Jade really loved it. Jade was my right hand for the day and happily chatted to the customers and wrapped and packed any items sold. She also proudly wore my T-shirt displaying our business logo. She loved it cos it's pink, her favourite colour.
A big thank you and hug for Jade x you where a big help. Here's some of my stock left, now I have to paint more for the next fair, I'm hoping to do one at Whitstable on the 4th August, so not long to prepare. Busy busy Mummy lol

Talking of Whitstable, Sunday morning looked so good we packed up the car with some yummy sandwiches, cakes and drink and off we went, I know the beach again! but I just love the seaside and my girls are at their happiest there too.

Picked up these yummy cherries from the little market on the bay. Went down a treat.

While walking along the high street popping in and out of shops, we spotted this funny looking van. What a great way to advertise. Well done innocence.

We sat on the beach and had our food and the girls played with the pebbles. There seemed to be lots of baby crabs and Molly wanted to cuddle them all. Little sweetie.
It was lovely to have such gorgeous weather, feel bad for all those poor people suffering with the floods. Only Friday night Ben's mum was on the phone saying she was stuck at work, due to the roads being cut off. They got them home about 9pm, so she was happy to sleep in her own bed. But now they have no fresh drinking water and problems with the electricity. She lives in Cheltenham Nr. Gloucestershire one of the worst places hit by the rain. We're just gald she's safe and sound at home now. And I hope our photos put a smile on her face. And help her think of sunnier times to come. We all hope!
Back home we had some fun after dinner. My oldest Jade was so pleased when she could give me a piggy back. Well I'm only 9 stone 2 so not to heavy for her. lol
It made me laugh when she did the same to Ben, wow she's strong. I'll post that photo soon.

All playing together, lets get Jade lol The girls love their big sister, I just think it shows in this photo. I'm so proud of them all.

They where all tuckered out after this game off to bed they went. More dreams of sun, sea and ice-cream awaiting them. Sweet dream babies.

I'll catch up with you soon and I'll try and post everyday this week. I do hate to miss a day, but so much to. I find myself out of time somedays and it drives me mad. Why can't there be an extra couple of hours for us busy ladies?

Tomorro I'll be putting on my first give away, so please come back and have a look.

Bye for now.

Catherine x


sarah said...

you have some really lovely things that you have painted. Sarah x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

That van is fab!

buttercup & roses said...

Glad that your fair went well, looks as though your going to have a very busy time getting ready for the next one!
Sounds as though you had another lovely day out, I love nothing better than relaxing on a proper beach, you know, the kind with rockpools and pebbles, far more interesting than miles of sand!

Make sure you take photos of your stand at the next fair, would love to see what it looks like!
Jennifer x