Tuesday, 3 July 2007

A Creative Day!

Just another picture from the wedding, Daisy drinking a toast to the bride and groom. As you can see she really enjoyed herself. Little boozer lol (Don't worry the glass was empty). The only grapes this cutie had was the fresh ones, served with the cheese and coffee after.

I popped out yesterday with the girls to the post office and on the way home stopped in at the Early Learning Centre, for another buggy. This ones for Daisy. Now she's walking around, she kept stealing her sisters one, so she has her own now. And there is no more screaming and hair pulling over them, ah! peace at last.
Don't the bunnies look sweet in them, although Daisy's one doesn't stay in hers for long. She throws it out and climbs into it herself. Poor bunny :(

I'm glad I popped in the shop, they are now doing a playtime every Tuesday between 10am and 12pm. I took the girls down this morning and they loved it. Today was drawing and colouring. Daisy scribbled on the cat one and Molly coloured in the flowers. ( I helped with the cat face)

What a good idea of Early Learning. It was free too, so that was a added bonus. I will definitely take them next week. It was so nice to see them play with other children. Daisy hit it off with a little boy and they sat talking in baby gabble and passing each other crayons. Bless! Well worth a trip to your local store to see if they're doing it to. http://www.elc.co.uk/ maybe look on here. Activities are suitable for 0-6 years. My two are 1 & 3 months and 2 & 4 months. And they enjoyed it. Pop along and give it ago.

Molly was very pleased to receive a sticker for the picture she'd coloured in. That put a big smile on her face. We've pegged the pictures up in the living room for their Daddy to see later. He'll love them.

I took this photo a couple of hours after we'd got home. How lucky we where! I always walk everywhere and I would of got soaked to the skin in this little lot. The heavens just opened up and there was thunder and lighting. Our drain down the side of the house decided to block too. So I had to get out there and scoop all the leaves and dirt out of it. Made me think of all those poor people that live in the flooded areas. I don't know how they cope, Just a very small amount of water made me panic. Don't know what I'd do if it came in the house. (Cry, I think)

I want to wish anyone on here that's been affected be the floods, all the very best and a safe and happy future. x

I hope this will cheer everyone up, a gorgeous summery photo of some wild Daisies and some of that pretty plant from the farmers market, I can't remember the name. Molly and I picked them yesterday. And they're now sitting on my dinning room table and every time I look at them, I forget the bad weather outside the window and smile.

Here's dreaming of sunny days to come.
Enjoy your evening and try and keep dry.

Catherine x


Tracy said...

Hi I must just write and tell how I call in to your blog daily. I have two girls called Daisy and Milly and your girls remind me of my girls a few years back.I would like to ask your permission to put a link to you on my blog.

Tracy said...

Hi Catherine I would love you to pop me on your blog many thanks. I love your little pegs but then any thing that is spotty I tend to gravitate to.Look forward to chatting again.