Monday, 8 September 2008

Music Mondays.

Slipping through my fingers...

I just wanted to do something on Mondays, some of you have done Sole Mondays showing your yummy, gorgeous shoes. Well I'd like to share with you all my favourite music.

This Abba track sums up how I was feeling this morning, knowing I had to take Molly to her first day of pre-school and will no doubt feel the same way on Wednesday when Daisy joins her.

They do slip through our fingers so quickly, I hope I'm making the most of every minute I have with them and they keep hold of the happy memories. Mummy and Daddy love you both so very much and are very proud of you Molly for going into pre-school with a big smile and a kiss for Mummy.


Catherine x


Joanne said...

OK thanks for making me cry yet again, these first few days of starting school are so hard for us parents it's so hard to let go. that's a lovely song. It's nice that she went in with a smile on her face but I bet she has a bigger smile for you when you pick her up she'll be so happy to see you

jessica daisy said...

Sorry you feel sad sweetie, big hugs, Jessx

Katy said...

NO! Don't be sad - just think of all the fun she'll be having, and she'll want to tell you all about it too.

Lesley said...

oh i love that song and i hadnt heard of it before the film came out. they have to grow up much as we dont like it - my youngest started reception last week so i know how you feel :-( bet she had loads of fun xxx

Petticoat Lane said...

I'm going through the same as I type. Imogen has her first full day at pre-school today and has been bawling her eyes out saying she doesn't want to go. I'm making Mr PL take her as I'm just too soft and just know I'd be returning home with her by my side!! It breaks my heart hearing her cry but I know it has to be done for her own good! :(
Hope your girls enjoy their first week. They always do don't they? Imogen always gives me the tears and the guilt trip when I leave her and I spend the entire day with knots in my stomach but I'm always greeted with a beaming smile when I pick her up!!

April said...

Just remember

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short time, and hold their hearts for ever."

Big Hugs

April xx

lucykate crafts... said...

gosh, that song brings back memories from my youth, i was such a big abba fan in the 80's. my youngest has just started pre-school too, part of me is really pleased to be getting my own life back, but more of me is quite sad and wants him to stay little forever. maybe, if i stop feeding him, he will! ; )

tillyboo said...

Hope you've survived OK ? I first heard this song when watching the Mama Mia film at the cinema. I cried BIGTIME I have to say. Such poignant and true words. I well up every time I hear it but it's such a beautiful song isn't it.

I look at Boo while she's asleep and try to imprint the image in my mind and hope I never forget it because before we know it she'll be sat on my lap in her wedding dress and I'll be thinking that my baby has grown up so fast and will fly the nest.