Monday, 29 September 2008

Tears, tantrums and happy endings...

This cute little cupcake has grown into this beautiful little-big cupcake and has coursed me much worry over the weekend, i have been trying to not show it but inside was all in knots this morning when dropping Molly off at pre-school. After a very good first couple of weeks, I'd thought to myself that this is how it's going to be. Big kiss, happy smile and bye Mummy see you a little later. But no, those mornings have come to an end, she just wants to come home and not stay there, even after i left Daisy with her today, who was more than happy to see the back of me lol, Molly still screamed after me as i walked away crying this time (yes i broke but she didn't see), my friend Nat gave a much need word of comfort outside. And 2 Min's down the road little Miss Molly cupcake was fine like nothing had happened lol (moo moo!). And at 12 when I collected them both she was full of smiles and tales of sandwich making and painting. So when it comes to Wednesday I'm not going to worry as much because like lots of you have said it's just all part of the parent roller coaster ride we sign up for when having little cupcakes.
I did find out from Mr cupcakes that he too was very shy and didn't like going to anything new, so she gets it from him. I'll let you know how Wednesday goes. Thank you very much for all the lovely comments and support, it helps to here other stories. Somehow makes it feel a lot better because it tears you up inside at the time and I felt like the worst Mum in the world for walking away.
Today's song is one of my all time favourites now. Having heard it on the fabulous Channel 4 show The Family (is everyone else hooked like me?) i just can't get enough of it lol
Anyhoo this always calms me down and is great to sing along too.

Many hugs,
Catherine x


Katy said...

Must be a wednesday thing. The Ginger one screams like a maniac when he gets dropped off at nursery. Miss G never did, she was always happy to leave. Oh well, maybe it's because they are the babies? (makes me cry too btw)

Things Hand Made said...

Its hard to leave them and that just show you are doing a good job!

April said...

It is so hard, but you are doing the right thing.

Big hugs and hang in there

April xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahh bless her, I'm afraid I used to be exactly the same when I was tiny. Poor you it must be so hard on you but you know you are doing it for the best.
I love love love that song too, so sweet.
Alison x

Kitty said...

No.2 didn't bat an eyelid when I left him at preschool, but No.1 was another matter entirely. She hated being left. In fact she hated it so much, the nursery and I hatched a plan that I would go and stay, but leave for a bit longer each time. That did the trick, and she ended up loving it - she still talks about how wonderful it was now - and she's at secondary school!

Good luck for tomorrow - I'll be thinking of you. I remember how upsetting it is (((C))) x

Anonymous said...

Don't worry cathy, will not last for long, Shannon and millie did this to me at look at them.


Anonymous said...

p.s thats a great song and im following the family because its just like my house!!!!!!!

julia said...

I love that programme! It made me cry last week when the song came on, so you're not the only one hooked.
Glad pre-school went better today, stick with it.
Julia xx

Joanne said...

Life is really hard on us mum's having to let go of what comes so naturally to us. Though I have found the last few weeks harder than I ever thought I would I am so pleased that the little guy goes in with out any tears and that he is so pleased to see me when he comes out.