Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Music Mondays on Tuesday today lol

Creep by radiohead.

This has to be my favourite song ever, I could listen to a 100 times and not get sick of it. Hope you all enjoy it too.


Catherine x


Ragged Roses said...

It's a great song, isn't it. Thanks for letting me hear it again today. Happy Tuesday

Kitty said...

One of my favourite too - such a brilliant song. x

Petticoat Lane said...

I LOVE that song! I'm such an old girl these days and I always think how much I love a song, but never know who sings it!!! That really means I'm getting old doesn't it?? So now I know...It was Radiohead - Thanks.
Jane. x

claire Maraldo said...

ooo Yes to Creep.

Fabby Radiohead. And I never find them depressing.

tillyboo said...

One of my all time favs too ! Brilliant, brilliant song and didn't get the recognition it deserved in my opinion.

I feel really old when I here 'Feels Like Heaven' by Fiction Factory. It was released in the mid 80' and I have very fond memories when I here it.

babaprincesse said...

your blog is sooooo sweet!
and i love this song , too..
lovely greetings from germany,