Monday, 5 October 2009

Made By Mum's

Once again i have to say a big thank you to the lovely Lara and Jackie for putting me in the Kent Mama magazine. Lara asked me if I'd like to be featured in the made by mum's article and oh course i had to say yes please!

And here it is, I'm so happy with how it looks. The photo's have come out really well (just look at my gorgeous Jade, she's a fab little sales woman). I hope my little tips help some other mummies to start their own handmade businesses. Because I'm so very glad i did and with the help of the wonderful Mr Cupcakes making my very own website and a lot of hard work and plenty of dotting, it has gone from strength to strength. I love every challenge and new idea it brings me and would really love to run a little (i mean tiny) shop with mini cafe inside it one day. Where i could not only sell baking and hand made gifts but bake the cupcakes and make the coffee too.
If you see a copy of this fabulous little mag, pick it up and look through, it's full of good ideas to keep the kids happy this coming half term and lots of other small businesses.

Lastly I've popped this tune on, just click the link and listen, it's been making my smile today and always does each time i hear it. It puts the sunshine in my heart even on the greyest of days like today. There is just something about it that makes me look up to the sky.

Sorry about the short advert at the begining, but just keep with it the tunes a good one.


Madeleine Miranda said...

Congratulations! Looks like a great feature!

Vintage Amethyst said...

How wonderful.

Amanda said...

What a lovely article, well done you. I love reading your Blog as its nice to 'meet' other crafting business mums. Amanda x

April said...

well done you!

I'm going to email you to ask you something...

April xx

Fell Tops said...

Well done on the magazine article I hope it has brought in some more business for you!

Vanessa x

claire Maraldo said...

How strange, you must have been on my blog just as I was visiting you.

Lovely article . . .you're famous!