Thursday, 22 October 2009

Happy Birthday Granny Cupcakes and below the birthday wishes is my I'll show you some of my Cath if you show me yours lol

Today Granny cupcakes turns a young 89 years old. Doesn't she look amazing, we will be celebrating with her this Saturday and will be making her a yummy chocolate cake and scrummy birthday tea.

This wonderful lady means so very much to me and my family. Helping me through the good and bad times, you're always there for me to turn too and you'd give me the world if you had it in one of your cupboards lol

I hope you know how proud I am having you as my Granny and how much i love you. And how much Jade, Molly, Daisy and Ben do too. Have the best birthday x x x

I thought I'd just share a couple of old photo's with you, here is tiny Granny cupcakes. Awww what a cutie, look at those cheeks.
And very much in love with my Grandad. Here they are on one of their many seaside breaks. I get the love of the seaside from my Grannies side of the family. And as you know we get to a beach as often as we can. I think most of the photo's Granny has shown me where taken on a beach. I love this photo, just the way Grandad has his cheek resting on Gran's shoulder. Totally in love, awww
Many happy returns, see you on Saturday for birthday treats. x x x x

Now on to this...
... lovely idea thought of by the lovely lissy Lou
My favourite CK bag, poor thing goes everywhere with me and has been wash a fair few times lol but it's a wonderful size i think i could quite possibly fit the kitchen sink inside it hehe!

The cupcakes pretty summer dresses now worn over jeans in the cold weather.

Mini cushions, Stanley's a big favourite with Daisy and Molly likes the flowers.
Transformed by a lovely raspberry red dotty oil cloth, now all i need to do is paint the legs and chairs.... number 101 on my ever growing to do list.

Buttons, pins, fabric and mints.
The all important reading martial and a pot of paint (Bunny's ears, yeay i got a pot! thanks to the lovely Claire Elfie & Me) hop on over for a read, she's feeling lonely in Pixie land.

Dinners taste better served on a pretty plate, don't they?

And drying up the washing up doesn't feel like a chore when you're wearing a dotty apron and using a floral or dot tea towel.
Shaky, cakey, bakery!
This has put a stop to our cat Thomas licking the butter. Even Mr cupcakes agrees with this one a good buy.

A rainbow of colours greet me every morning and my red dotty mug is just waiting for it's first cuppa coffee to wake me up.

Tins full of treats and yummy things.

And my summer dress, which was to be worn on my wedding day but i just couldn't wait and popped it on for a trip to London, worn with some jeans and little grey cardie. I felt a million dollars lol
Now I need to find something else to wear on my big day, hey hoo lol

So here is where my little show me your Cath Kidston tour ends, i did have one more item to show you but the silly blogger won't let me pop it in at the bottom. But I'm sure most of you lovely ladies have your very own copy of her new book SEW.
I'm looking forward to Winter evenings sitting making that gorgeous bag that came with it.
Thanks again to Lissy Lou, this was fun to take part in.
Big hugs.
Back soon with a big invite to Mollycupcakes coffee/open morning all welcome.

9 comments: said...

What a lovely CK party! Loved all your beautiful goodies! I am having one too, its a great idea from Lissy lou! Suzie. x

Mary Poppins said...

Happy birthday to a special lady :)

Thanks for sharing your CK party , I am going too has really cheered me up taking pretty photographs ;)



Summer Blue said...

Granny Cupcakes is my most favourite Granny in the whole wide world and she is the youngest looking 89 year old I've seen. I miss my own granny dearly but I so look forward to seeing her appearances on your blog, I've now adopted her as my own!
Loving the glam picture of her on the beach, Was that her showing her 'Cath'? It's v.similar to the one CK sold this summer with Roses on...obviously talking her inspiration from GCC!!!
Jane. xx said...

I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Granny Cupcake! Suzie. x

dottydaisies said...

happy birthday to granny cupcakes!!!! those spotty mugs are on my christmas wish list x x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Happy Birthday to Granny Cupcakes!!! What wonderful old photos of her!!
Really enjoying this CK party!! Certainly brightens up a dull October day!! Maybe you could get another CK dress for the wedding?!
How exciting!!

Sharon xx

madmummy said...

Happy Birthday to lovely Granny Cupcakes! Lucky you to have such a fab Granny x
xxx Steph

LissyLou said...

happy birthday to your lovely granny!!!

thanks for joining the party!! you have loads of cath.

i love the table covered - is it from ikea? we have the same one and i keep meaning to cover it.
And snap we have the same bag, love it!! xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahhh *happy birthday* Granny Cupcake & many happy returns.
I've voted for your lovely blog too Catherine, good luck.