Saturday, 10 October 2009

Something old and something new.

This beautiful tiny wedding ring belongs to Granny cupcakes and she has given it to me and Mr cupcakes for our wedding day. It is the second of 3 wedding rings she's owned all from my dear departed Grandad. Bless her fingers just got bigger (if you can call a J ring size big lol). Now i will be the luck one to wear this beautiful tiny ring. Thank you Granny this means so much me and i will treasure it forever.

Something new is my yummy looking range of gift wrap. Scrummy cupcakes on dollies, the look so good i could just reach in a eat one up lol
This new gift wrap service is coming very soon to and I'll have a deep velvet purple wrap just for Christmas, you know the sort of colour and paper that Cadbury's chocolate used to you come in. I'll post about it when Mr Cupcakes has got it working for me.
The other day while at Granny cupcakes, we went through some old photo's and look here. This is me playing shops lol yes even back then i wanted to run my own business. I remember my Dad build it and Mum filled it with food stuff, like empty cereal, oxo and toblerone boxes. Check out my scales and Cadbury's chocolate machine. That's the sort of purple wrap chocolate I was on about before. Did anyone else have one of these, please share???
Please pop on to my website, I've got a new section called Sally's sewing room. A lovely friend is making beautiful hand sewn items and I've now put the very first one on there for her. Christmas stock from little old me arriving soon.
Lastly here she is back by popular demand the lovely Granny Cupcakes. Wearing her very own badge. Made by the very kind Steph from Madmummy Designs. Thank you honey your very sweet and Granny will be wearing this at the next farmers market held in Maidstone this Nov. Pop along and say hello and maybe pick a Christmas gift or 2. More details nearer the time.
Granny made me laugh when she knew i was using this photo of her on my blog because she said "you're not using that boobie shot are you!" LOL what a fabulous pair they are hehe! 88 and still doing topless (i mean top on) work LOL
Love you Granny cupcake x
Have a lovely weekend everyone, I'm stressing a little my huge order went off by Parcel force this week and now it's on it's way back to me argh! somethings gone wrong and i wont find out what until Monday. Oh why oh why do these things have to happen? Fingers crossed for me everyone, that i can get comp for their flaming mess they've left me in. After all the driver signed the paperwork telling me everything was fine and that i could track it all the way. Which thankfully i did or i would of had a bigger surprise when they knocked my door with my boxes. I could really do without this right now and my poor customer is none to happy i can tell you. :(
Lots of coffee and maybe a nice cake will get me though lol Really what has happened to our postal services, i wish they'd sort themselves out.
I really can't afford mistakes like this. Moan, moan moan! sigh!


madmummy said...

Lovely to see Granny cupcakes smiling face!!!
How lovely of Granny to give you her ring, how thoughtful and sentimental x Does that mean you have set a date?!
xxx Steph

Lucy said...

Oooh I love Granny Cupcakes, and I LOVE your little home made shop! It's just the sort of thing my little girls would love to play with. Thanks for sharing. Lucy xx

Devon Dumpling said...

Hope your order gets sorted out. Loving the cupcakes brooch and the wedding ring! x

Amanda said...

I had the Cadbury's machine too. I also loved the little shops you could have at Christmas, in boxes. I had the post office and sweet shop. Your shop is wonderful, I'd of loved that. I hope the order gets sorted, Royal Mail aren't the most popular people at the moment if you have a business.

julie said...

what a special gift, she must be a very caring granny cupcakes. love the pics of th shop it brings back memories of my sister and me when we were young. no computer games then lol

jules xx

claire Maraldo said...

I love your shop picture. you haven't changed at all have you?
And Grannie's wedding ring is lovely. And so is Grannie of course . . . and her boobies! After all, if you've got it, flaunt it!

it was nice to se you yesterday, shame it was not for longer.