Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Gingerbreadmen & Cupcakes

With Christmas creeping up fast, I've been busy making lots of new goodies for Mollycupcakes. Starting with these little fellas and ladies. These plump gingerbread people smell as yummy as they look, give them a little squeeze and release their organic ginger and cinnamon scent. Hang them on the tree or around the house or even pop one on to the front of a Christmas present for an extra little gift tag treat. And at £4.75 each won't break the bank and you're feel good because you're buying something completely handmade and from the UK. Watch out for their arrival on in the first week of Nov. Or if you really can't wait until then pop me an email. And I'll bake some up for you lol

Carrying on with the theme of feltiness (it's nice having a break for painting pegs but i will be back doing that soon due to Christmas orders coming in). I whipped up a batch of these cakey smelling cupcake pin cushions for our local fabric, quilting and sewing shop. The lovely owner Marion was celebrating her 1 year anniversary with an exhibition of student and customers creations, so i entered some of these.

If you're ever visiting Rochester please pop in and have a look at this fabulous little shop. You can even book a quilting course and learn how to make one for yourself, or buy a book or two on sewing and knitting. As well as lots of other lovely gifts, buttons, cards, mugs, soaps and i could go on and on. Lets just say it's a blogging ladies heaven lol
People could vote for their favourite handmade item/s but I'm not sure how I've done and don't really mind. I was just so happy to be asked to display them and hope they made people smile. I wish computers had smellovision lol because they do smell yummy lol
I just wanted to say a big thank you to the lovely Lissy Lou for the Cath Kidston party last week, it was great fun and she's even given everyone that took part our very own award. Big hugs sweetie. X
So with half term coming to an end, it's back to normal next week. Quite houses for many Mum's with only radio 4 to keep us company and a cuppa coffee and Country Living mag to flick through (that's if mine gets here before Christmas argh! flaming Royal Mail sigh!!!). I hope you've all had a nice little break, we've had a couple of icky days with Daisy but on the whole had fun. We're off to a birthday party tomorrow afternoon and preparing for the trick and treaters on Halloween night. With a pumpkin candle holder, spooky eyeball chocolates and skull head lollie pops lol Boooooo!

My last bit of very exciting news is for Mollycupcakes I've opened a NOTHS shop and over the next few days will be setting it all up with yummy looking stock. I'll add a link once it's gone live.
Back soon with more news on my very own Coffee Morning 25th Nov


LissyLou said...

I love the gingerbread men!!

dottydaisies said...

love your gingerbread men very cute! x

Butterfly said...

Oh how clever you are! I love that your gingerbread men smell like ginger too. Great idea & very cute too xx

Charlotte, Cottontails said...


Haven't called by for a while and wanted to say hello...

Those little felt men and cakes look lovely - and I LOVE the idea of squeezing tummies to release a yummy aroma. Inspired!

Hope you are well?

I've been a bit low the last few months, closing the shop and moving house catching up with me I think, but starting to feel a bit brighter (and more able to blog again) now though.

Lots of love


anareis said...

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Tilly Rose said...

Love your gingerbread men! I've made some of these in the past but not with the scent. Do you use essentil oils, ground spices or both?
May have to make some new ones!

hugs Karen x

Tracy x said...

hello you x
sorry for not catching up lately - so much to do and visitors staying!
good luck with NOTHS - let me know when you go live as i will remove your items from my pages as i guess you will be cheaper and i would hate for customers to think i was too pricey!
let me know if it would help if i sent my mollycupcakes stock back to you - especially with Christmas fairs fast approaching - you will be a busy bee :)
t x

Kristin Davis Zucconi said...

Your blog is beautiful and is totally making me hungry! I just stumbled upon it and wish there was some way to transport your cupcakes to my home here in Arizona.... Thanks for making my day brighter with your gorgeous blog!
Warm regards,

BiEha Besh said...

so cute!~weee

BiEha Besh said...

so cute!~weee