Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Thank you for loving me x

Thank you to my beautiful girls for treating me on Mother's day and thank you Ben for helping them. x x x x

On Sunday morning after a lay in I was awoken with kisses and a cuppa tea. And then presented with these lovely cards, yummy cupcake shaped chocolates, cute egg bowl with a bunny inside, beautiful flowers and tulip bulbs.

I was then taken to one of my favourite places (Ikea) lol I know, I know it's a shop but I did need some more pink storage boxes. And we all had their yummy meatball, chips and sauce hmmm! after coming away with the boxes and a new wooden toilet seat hehe! yes we needed a new one! Ben asked so where to next my lady? We ended up looking in a few more shops, two which Ben wanted to go in. A shiny new camera is on the cards for Ben and well deserved honey you work so very hard and I'm so very, very proud of you. My hunter gather. Treat yourself sweetie.

Talking of treats Ben treated me to a yummy vanilla latte and new book called A Home For All Seasons from a huge book store I just can't resist popping into when we go to Lakeside. Thank you baby x What a fabulous day for me. I love you all for making it so special. X

We did get up to some other things this weekend as well. A trip to one of my favourite little villages West Malling in Kent I grew up around here and it holds lots of lovely memories for me. This is one of the parks I used to play in and walk across to meet my Mum after she'd finished her shift in the old peoples home she worked. And now it's lovely to take my own family there for walks and play. Daisy is photoed here doing one of her favourite things, picking daisies by the hand full.We fed the ducks and other watery feathered friends. And they also nearly ended up with a little Daisy to nibble, as she took a drive forward straight for the water but I grabbed her just in time. Argh! the joys of a nearly two year old hehe! Molly and Jade enjoyed it. Especially when we gathered handfuls of pussy willow that had been cut down. It now looks very pretty in a old jug on the dining room table.
After calling into the Ragamuffin's craft cafe and making a note of my stock left, giving the owner a bit of money to say thanks for selling it for me and making arrangements to bring in more next week, we walked though the town, looked in a couple shops and ate some chips. And ended up here at Frog Lane. What a great name, I'd love to live there lol
And this house photoed here will do. With it's pretty little stream, tulips and daffs growing down the side. Just big enough for our little family. lol A room each and a kitchen big enough to cook up a storm, a play room for the girls, den for Ben and studio for me. Of course this is all just in my head. I don't really know whats inside this gorgeous house but I can dream.
If you're ever in the area, I recommend West Malling, it's a cute little village with some lovely shops and cafes.

I just want to end with a some thank yous. You where all lovely over the whole missed proposal to Ben episode. I will now just have to wait and see if he pulls his finger out and asks me. (please, please, please) lol

I have also been tagged by the lovely Claire at Serendipity Loves New York and also been given Meme by the totally fabulous Tracy at Cupcakes at Home. I will get around to doing them both I promise.

And I have to hang my head in shame as someone very kind awarded me the You make my day but I'm so very bad that I can't remember who it was. Sorry to who ever it was, life has just gone full throttle with orders and I've got all behind with blogging. Please tell who the wonderful person was and I'll send you a little thank you x

Have a good weekend ladies. See you all soon.


Catherine x


shabby chic said...

Hi Catherine,
I know you were after a pink bin , on this website they have a really big pink one like the next one with a flower on it and you get a smaller one free it is £14.99 for both and its a Linda barker one P&P is about £4.00. they do the housekeepers boxes and other bits 7 bobs in pink. I just remembered you were after one and was excited about telling you !!!( I am not mad really !).I think you have to click on homewares and then go to kitchen .
Sounds like you had a fab mothers day and I am sure you deserved every minute of it too with your lovely girls and a patient man!(especially doing the Ikea bit)
Have a great weekend
X dominique
X Dominique

shabby chic said...

ooops Catherine just found your message after posting that one !!!. Glad you got your bin !!. Bless him !for not saying anything !
X Dominique

julia said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Haven't forgotten the birdie (promise!) it's just been a bit manic here as well.
Have a lovely weekend
Julia xx

twiggypeasticks said...

I sent you the you make my day award hun, i'll let you off cos you've been off having fun with your lovely family and have left some nice messages on my blog :)
Twiggy x

Summer by the sea said...

Sounds like you had a really nice Mothers Day - funnily enough IKEA would have been on my wish list of places to visit too, we used to go all the time, but since we moved we are now further from an IKEA and its more of a day trip! - Thinking of your littley heading towards the pond reminded me of my little girl, thats exactly the sort of thing she would do - she is 22 months - Natalie x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hi Catherine
Sounds like you had a wonderfully lovely mothers day & Frog Lane ~ how cute is that!
Love Alison x

Miss sew n sew said...

Hi Catherine
just wanted to let you know I think your blog is great you deserved to be spoilt for mothers day it sounds like you had a lovely time I have two little ones your girls are so cute I think you do amazingly well juggling being a mum and running a business good for you!!

buttercup & roses said...

It sounds like you had a perfect mothersday, and a trip to ikea is the cherry on the cake! (I went there as a birthday treat!)

I love the 'frog lane' sign, wouldnt it be great to have that as your address!!xxx

Kitty said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day - I'm sure you deserved all the spoiling.

I've never been to Kent - must head down there at some point - your pictures look beautiful.


Garden girl said...

blimey, Ben is a star- how on earth did you bribe him into taking you to Ikea?!! I can't persuade Rob ever, is his idea of complete hell, especially at a weekend!Looks like you had a lovely, thoroughly well deserved weekend!x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

What a lovely time you've had!! The village looks so lovely as well!and you had some lovely things for mothers you think i like the word 'lovely'
Don't worry about the tag as I know its a long one, not sure if it might bt the same one Tracy has sent you!!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

me again, sorry i haven't got round to emailing you, I recieved bunnies last thursday, they are so gorgeous even hubbie commented on them!! thanks for the chocs as well, they haven't been eaten yet!!