Saturday, 1 March 2008

If there was an award for missing the boat I'd be on it!

I thought it would be a great idea to ask Ben to marry me on here a bit different and romantic. But guess what I didn't think of?

Yes the fact he'd already read my blog that morning and not looked at it again for the rest of the day. Argh! not so clever.

And I messed up the steak dinner too. A little to rare. Oh I sigh.

How many more years do I have to wait now until I can ask him again. 4 is it? oh poo!

Maybe I should just be happy at being a very well loved, cared for, needed girlfriend. You never know he might ask me one day.

Well I missed the boat and it's unlucky to ask now.

Thank you to everyone for all your comments and sorry for no happy endings.

At least I have Mother's day to look forward to. I hope you all have a lovely day too, Mothers, Daughter's Sisters, Nana's, Grandmas, Aunties, Cousins and Niece's. Enjoy all the love being given. And a chocolate or two ;)
Big hugs.
Catherine x


Kitty said...

Awwww ... I'm sure he'll ask before the next Leap Day! x

Raindrops to Rainbows said...

You should just ask him! its unhealthy to be superstitious, if you want to be husband and wife then just ask him!!!!

Summer by the sea said...

You never know, he may have it all planned already, for when you're least expecting it! Natalie x

April said...

Shame, but you should take him by surpise and ask him again xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahh I'm so sorry he missed it! But go on do it again!!!!
love Alison x

Curlew Country said...

Now surely he's checked out you blog again - and then he'll see what you asked and then ask you himself! Oh I hope so. Let us know what happens next Catherine, I've got everything crossed! Hope you were spoilt rotten on Mother's Day.
lots of love