Monday, 17 March 2008

So much to say.

On Friday morning our little Daisy woke up unwell, she had a very temperature and was just very sleepy and moany. So after couple of doses of calpol, a cold flannel and trip to the Doctors, we where told he thinks she has an infection of some sort. And the high temp is her bodies way of fighting it. So antibiotics where given and test taken, we came home. She slept right through the night and was back to her old bouncing around like a bunny self the next morning lol

We are waiting for the results of her test, to see what it really was that knocked her of her feet.

I think all the TLC and cuddles from her big sister Molly helped. Nurse Molly on duty, administering lots of big get well cuddles.

It was very sweet of those of you that left name suggestions for this little lady. And it was hard to choose the right one, but I have and it's a double barrel name so there are 2 winners.

Say hello to: Blossom-Cupcakes. I felt it was just right for this time of year, blossom trees are one of my favourites and well you know me and cupcakes lol I just can't resist them.

So well done to Alison at Vintage Amethyst and Twiggypeasticks. Please email me with your addresses and a little thank you will be flying it's way to you. x And thank you to everyone for joining in. It was fun to read all the different names, Boofie bunny made me laugh out loud because used to sometimes call my old cat Ronnie that. When he came in all wind swept from the garden. lol

I have been meaning to pop this photo on here for a couple of weeks now. It's a great big comfy arm chair. We've been after one for a while now and saw this one in a lovely little fabric, sewing shop in West Malling The Sewing Room. Well worth a visit, it's full of fabrics, buttons, cushions, eiderdowns etc... And at the back it has a open garden area full of old furniture, books, china and lots of other fabulous vintage things. Ben and I both took a look at this, sat in it and yes we had to have it. Especially with the duck egg colour it is. So it came home with us the weekend after and now sits in the living room. It's cool to have something so odd and that doesn't match the large family sofa we own. Whats the word Ben uses? oh yes eclectic! it fits in just right and looks like it's been with us for years and as you can see the girls love it too. Even the old musty smell we're hoping wears off soon lol

Back to this weekend. With daisy feeling better on Saturday I felt it was safe to go off to the County Living fair with Jade. And let Daddy enjoy a day with his girls. So off we went. And first we stopped off at Covert garden and looked around a few stalls, got some food from M&S. And found the Cath Kidston there, where I used the last of my vouchers on a button box, bag, wrapping paper and wash mitt (not shown).
We then hopped on to the underground and made our way to the show. Which was not as busy as last time. But still full of some crazy woman lol pushing and shoving their way around the stalls. One woman nearly had me on the floor as she pushed past me on a stall. I really couldn't move anywhere else as there was a pretty ottoman right next to my feet, so it was stand my ground or fall over it hehe! And stand my ground I did lol
Apart from some manic women, Jade and I had a great time. This was my first buy. A pretty little jug and only £9 and pink and white stripy bag with it for only £1, oww! I love a bargain. You can find more jugs and other items on
My only other purchase was this very cute wooden chicken, I've hung it on our Easter twigs and it looks great. I think it will stay there as my one and only chicken until we get real ones someday hehe!
Jade really enjoyed herself and spent all her £25 on smells, a wash mitt, note pads, a yummy smelling candle and a cute vintage sign for tea. I'm guessing she's now collecting for her own home one day. I know I did the same thing at her age. My bottom draw was full of goodies by the time I was 18. Oh how they grow so fast.
Thanks Jade for a lovely day together, you're not just a great daughter you're a fabulous shopping mate too. ;)

I hope everybody has a nice weekend. Our Sunday was spent just lazing around the house and eating a yummy chicken roast cooked by Ben (thank sweetie).

Today my poor little Molly seems to have come down with the nasty bug Daisy had. And has spent the day cosy on the sofa and taken in some much needed TLC from Mummy and Daisy. And extra hugs from Daddy when he came in from work.
Get well soon my little cupcake. x

Hugs to all of you.

Catherine x


Vanessa said...

Poor Daisy & Molly, Hope they get better soon. You are very lucky to have a daughter with good taste, I cannot wait until my little dear is old enough to take shopping and really appreciate my purchases.

I am going to have to take the plunge and buy tickets for the CL fair!

Garden girl said...

Your little girls are so sweet (I'm sure your older daughter is too!!)Horrid that they're both poorly but hopefully a couple of sofa (or new chair) days and they'll be bouncing around again.Looks like you and Jade had a great day out, I've never been to the CL fair, but after reading a couple of blogs about it I think I may give it a go next year.Have a great week xxxx

Kathy said...

Oh I do hope your little girls feels better soon.xKathy

April said...

Hope your girls are feeling better soon xx

Miss sew n sew said...

Sorry your girls are poorly hope their better soon send them lots of hugs from me!Really wanted to go to the cl fair but clashed with our hol sounds really good shall have to go to next one. Love your purchases. Nice sofa too!

Kitty said...

Awww, poor Molly - hope she bounces back as quickly as her sister did. Some viruses are horrible and seem to knock them right out.

Well done for standing your ground at the Fair - I'm afraid I get very stroppy if I get pushed and shoved a lot *blush*.

Take care. x

Suzie Sews said...

Oh your poor babes...lucky you to get to the show...

Sophie Stansfield said...

Hi Catherine!
Just to let you know you are a runner-up winner in my Easter giveaway - do send me your details and it will be right over! x
Hoping the girls get better soon!

Pipany said...

Hope the girls are back to full health now. Love the chicken buy from the CL fair xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahh poor little poppets, hope they are feeling muchh better now.
And eek, yay for me & Twiggypeasticks. I love the name combo, how fab!
Thank you so much hunny.
Love Alison x