Sunday, 30 December 2007

A wonderful Christmas day

Say hello to little Ava, as she enjoys her very first Christmas. Well done Sam and Paul she is just gorgeous.

Well Christmas day as now been and gone and I'm already thinking about what to do next year lol Anyone else doing the same?

We set off on Christmas Eve after dropping the cats off at the cattery, sorry pussy's but your be safe and warm there. And can have your presents when we get home, yummy treats and new bowls. The traffic was good up to Cheltenham and with only one stop we made good time and arrived about 2ish. The girls were very excited to see their Grandma and bounced around her flat stopping only to give her a big hug hehe!

I'm sorry if I bore with this post, there are just lots of photos. I had such a lovely time with my new family that I got a little camera happy hehe!

The girls couldn't wait to see Grandmas tree and just loved it with all the big lights off and just the trees left on. Why are Christmas trees so hard to photo? argh!

After a long day of traveling Molly and Daisy were tucked up in bed ready for tomorrows busy day, we all sit, chat and watch telly in the pretty glow of the tree. With a baileys or two ;)
Up at 8am on Christmas morning waiting to open up some presents Santa left under and around Grandmas tree but they had to wait just a little longer until we'd all had breakfast, mean I know but it's the most important meal of the day and all that present opening takes a lot out of you hehe! The look on Daisy's face just says it all "what I have to wait?"

Jade was very pleased with her money card, but you couldn't tell lol And she's been off in the sales already. Mummies little helpers with their own dotty aprons.
We got Molly and Daisy straight to work when they opened up this present. Well they had to earn their keep and they are never to young to learn lol

Daisy wasn't so sure lol

Jade treated both her sisters to a baby doll each and is here helping Daisy open hers. And she's ready with the milk for her babies first feed.

Molly is below cooking up a storm and I have to say a big THANK YOU to Sarah @ Paper-and-String for the gorgeous doughnuts, Vanessa @ Just Original for the girls cute dotty aprons (Daisy won't put hers on just yet hehe! little madam) and Sophie @ Sophie Stansfield Designs for the yummy cookies, gingerbread men and mince pies. The girls just love them all and have been playing with it all for days now and we've been pretending to eat them too. Yum yum!

You are all so very clever and I just love all your items, you have made two little girls very happy with their pretend food. Thank you x x x lovely ladies.

My Mum and Dad always like to send something that the girls can open up as well as money, Thank you Nana and Grandad. The wooden breakfast set works very well with the other play food. But it took Mummy half an hour to put the tray together lol as the screw holes didn't line up. Argh!
After all that unwrapping and play we where all getting ready for a yummy Christmas dinner, so off to the kitchen I went to help Ben with the veggies, pigs in blankets and sauces. Sam Ben's sister was bringing the Turkey over and we all sat down to eat about 2.

Thanks to Sam for cooking the turkey it was yummy and the whole came together nicely. And Ben your roast potatos and honey glazed parsnips rocked. I love that you can cook. x

I think Molly enjoyed the Christmas pudding the best lol and Daisy just had a bit of everything. Jade was the first to finish, she just loved it all. Especially the champagne with a sugar cube in it, for extra sweetness yum!
Crackers pulled and plates cleared. Viv Ben's mum got out the party poppers but poor Daisy got scared by the bangs, so they had to go away. lol
Out came more presents and cheers of delight from all. After thanking everyone for what we'd been given we all just chilled out on the sofa and chairs and enjoyed being in each others company.
All in all a lovely Christmas day. No Christmas afternoon walk for us though before we knew it it was dark out side and Paul our brother-in-law had to go off to work. He's a policeman and got the Christmas shifts this year :( poor sweetie. But there is next year to look forward to and his little angel Ava will be one and right into it all.
Everybody slept well on Christmas night and on boxing day we all just rested, no sales or shops for us. Just time together as a family.
I do hope all of you spent Christmas and Boxing day with loved ones. It's that what makes it a special time.
Ben and I got a couple of hours on Boxing day night to have a cold walk through Cheltenham promenade and he took this lovely photo of the lights.
We left Cheltenham on the 27th and picked up the cats that afternoon and they where very pleased to see us. But I think it was the new bowls and treats they where happy about lol

I just want to end this blog with a very big thank you to each and everyone of you that I've met on here and those of you I've been lucky enough to met outside blog land. You've all touched me in your very own special way. By inspiring me to move forward with my little business and do it the handmade way.

And I look forward to hearing and seeing all the new and exciting things planed for 2008.

Have a wonderful new years eve and day.

Big hugs and wishes to all x

Catherine x


Kitty said...

Awww, it looks like a lovely time was had by all. I'm very glad I found your blog in 2007 - Happy New Year to you and yours. x

pink-petal-designs said...

Lovely pics Catherine.
Happy New Year to you and your family and all the best for 2008!!
Sarah xx

Curlew Country said...

What a fab Christmas and lovely family photos. Barney got a vintage style ironing board and flat iron too! Little boys are never too young to learn either I reckon and he's loves it!
Wishing you a really happy and fun-filled 2008 and I'm raising my New Year Baileys to you!

Sophie Stansfield said...

Wishing you a very Happy 2008 Catherine!
Thanks so much for being a fab blogging friend and amazing encourager!
Sophie x