Thursday, 31 July 2008

Having family to stay.

Say hello to the fabulous Sam, Paul and baby Ava. they came to stay with us over this weekend just gone. Arriving on Friday tea time, we all court up with each others news and Ben and I couldn't believe how big Ava had got and that she was crawling everywhere and trying to walk as well. She kept looking at the girls running around and you could all most she her thinking to herself, "I'm going to have a go at that" lol And she did once and ended up on her bum. Bless her, I'm sure the next time we see her she'll be walking around the place.

On the Saturday we decided to all go off to the Rare Breeds Farm over near Ashford. Last time we went the girls loved it, so we thought it would be a great place to take the family. Just right for all ages. And as you can see from all the photos we took, it went down really well with everyone. (warn you now there are loads in this post).

First stop was the petting farm, where they had every kind of animal out for snuggles and strokes. Chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, pigs and a couple of sheep.

We came across these beautiful passion flowers in the butterfly tunnel.
And wow this butterfly is just amazing. They kept flying all around us and in and out of our feet. If you don't like flying things it's not the best place for you lol the girls loved it, but Ben and I couldn't believe our eyes when on turning a corner we both saw Daisy stomping her foot down on to a poor defenceless butterfly and making a grrrr noise at it lol Ben just froze in horror and I shouted out NO! Daisy stop that's very, very naughty. She of course ran off, awww 2 year old's don't you just love them hehe! I did of course give her a little chat about rules of butterfly tunnels and the main one being not to stomp on any. I think she gets it now.

The rest of the family joined us and we told them what had happened. Ben had picked it up and moved it to a safer place, it was still moving around so I think it had a lucky escape. In the next tunnel everyone had their eyes on her and we got through without any more casualty's. Oh god apart from the tropical one that flu in to the wild British tunnel when I was holding the flap open for Sam and baby Ava to come through with the buggy. Flaming things, don't they know they have to stay in the right parts. Ben did get lots of beautiful photos of the ones that didn't get lost or squashed. hehe!

Awww the chickens in their Omlet, my favourite. I had them all following a piece of food lol just call me Mummy Cupcake Doolittle. Look into my eyes, not around them look into them lol
After stopping for some lunch and playtime for the girls on some slides. We popped over to meet Blueberry the Alpaca and her baby Simon (what a funny name, sorry no photos of him). We were all to busy with having fun watching Paul stroke (tease) Blueberry lol every time he patted her on the bum she turned her head like she was going to spit at him lol And of course we were all waiting for it to happen. She didn't I think she liked it really.

Isn't she pretty! bless her, I think she looks like Janet Street- porter lol
Here is Uncle Ben getting in practice again pushing a buggy, think again Mr Short, you'll have to propose first and put a ring on my finger before I give you anymore bubbas. lol

Off on the marsh venture trail, we got lost and took the long way round hehe! (men and maps!). On the way in a field full of sheep where these giant Mr and Mrs wooden seats. Jump on Jade and give us a smile :)

Auntie Cupcake and cousin Jade, holding the baby while the big and little kids have some playtime lol (god please don't look at my belly, any tips on how to lose it pop on a postcard lol). To many cupcakes one thinks hehe!

In the next lot of photos, I'm not to sure who enjoyed themselves more the toddlers, teenager or the adults. You decide lol And yes I did get to have myself, even in a wrap over skirt, well no one was around. Ben did a video of that one. I'll pop it on another post (maybe).

Molly, Daisy and Jade found a great wooden castle with slide and played on that while the grow-ups continued to have races on the aerial runaway.

This was Jade after climbing up into the castle and flopping through the door lol (she'll kill me for putting this on here) but it's so funny. One to show her boyfriend hehe!
After a long very hot day, we all got ice-creams, said our goodbyes to the animals and set off for home.

Back home the girls rested on the sofa and we all had a yummy salad tea. Then it was time for goodbyes and see you soon's. And a long drive back to Cheltenham for Sam, Paul and Ava, after a lovely time together, I'm always sad to see them go, as I'm sad to leave them when we visit Cheltenham.

But it won't be long before we see each other, only a month this time. So we're all looking forward to that.

Isn't it lovely when families get on. Ben's have welcomed me with the biggest open arms and I hope I've done the same to them.

Thanks for a lovely weekend.

Sorry this post is full to bursting with photos, but I had so much to show you. This was just a few of them.

I turned into the Auntie that's been to Bognor lol and brought her slides round to show you all zzz LOL

Hope you enjoyed them and maybe will visit the Rare Breeds Farm for yourselves.

Many hugs.

Catherine x


Anonymous said...

ah bless, you look like you all had fun, and cathy your in a skirt, I have never seen you in one before...xx love the name Ava, that's what kitty might have been, a eve or ava if not a
hope to catch up soon, famous last words...
bye for now hun

April said...

SOunds like you had lots of fun. Alpacas are sooo cute.

It was really lovely to talk to you the other day!

April xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Ooohhh lots and lots of fun!
You all look like you had a wonderful time ~ well apart from the butterfly incident, eek. Bless her.
Have a lovely weekend
love Alison x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

what a great blog, you can tell you are close to Bens family, I'm sure they feel the same way about you. Looks like you all had a great day out......Claire x

Garden Girl said...

I love the sofa photo, thats one that will still be around in years to come. Looks like you all had a great time, the next month will fly by, then you can get yourselves down to cheltenham!x

Ragged Roses said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time - good to hear it! That place looks like a lot of fun to me! Enjoy the weekend

Alison Boon said...

Lollipop shoes winging it's way to you. Pray for speedy planes and fast parcel vans. Your time seems to have been well spent, lots of fun things going on. The girls all looked very happy in each other's company. It's so nice when you can actually find something everyone likes to do. Hope there are more fun days ahead.