Monday, 27 July 2009

Catch up part one

Rochester's Cherry Picnic in the Vines park where Ben asked me to marry him a second time, so a very dear place to me and him. We enjoyed some yummy food and cakes, followed by freshly picked cherry's and cherry ice-creams.

Jade sat with me and Ben while the cupcakes ran around with friends and played chase. It was so lovely to see lots of family's coming together and enjoying just the simple things in life. And the weather was glorious. Looking forward to next years. Maybe I'll do a stall and make some cherry themed items Hmmm! now my brains ticking with ideas lol
Miss Molly's leaving presentation and lunch 20/07/2009 end of playgroup for our little cupcake. Sad but exciting time for her.
She ran back with a book of all her achievement's and cute photo.
My very proud cupcake indeed. Well done beautiful girl it is one more step along the road of life. Love you x
The first week of the long Summer hols has been a very full one, Jade has been with us for all of it and is now back with her Dad and off to Greece next week. Have a lovely time honey, missing you already. On the Friday we went off the Joss Bay Broadstairs with the playgroup, it's a yearly trip and the coach was full. We left the rain behind us and arrived to lovely hot sunshine
Wind breakers, beach tents and umbrellas where put up. and lots of chatting, eating and digging took place lol
It was even warm enough for some paddling and pebble throwing.
But then him upstairs huffed and puffed this big black meany over the top of us all and it turned into a crazy dash back to the towels and cuddle under umbrellas, toy tents, wind breakers lol (which didn't do anything for keeping you dry) and those half seaside tents. They seemed to work the best for keeping the rain off, one Daddy started off with just his own 2 children and every time i turned to look if the clouds where moving away he seemed to have more and more children under it with him lol lol a bit like the pied piper hehe!
Anyway looking up and realising that it was in for the long run, we all made a dash to the shop and then back to the coach, most of us bare footed or only in swimming cosies lol
Once in the warm and dry, sand removed from almost everything but a little damp to say the least, we watched with happiness as the rain rolled on out to sea, yeay!
And it was back out onto the beach for chips, coffee (for me wink wink) and lots more playing in the sand. Oh and some over due chasing of the sea gulls, who i have to say are very cheeky in this part of the coast. They think nothing of poking their beaks into your bags or flying down and nicking chips right out of your fingers. Some screaming and flapping from Daisy and her best pal Erik, soon stopped them. (well for a little while).
It all turned out to be a fabulous day and one i hope Molly remembers forever, because i know i will. And we have next years trip back there again to look forward too. A very big thank you to all the staff at Meadows playgroup, Ben and i couldn't ask for a more wonderful place to send our cupcakes. I know Daisy's looking forward to coming back in Sept. So see you soon, enjoy your break.
This Saturday saw me off to the Luddesdown open day and before we set off to it, i popped out in to our no longer our garden and snapped a couple of photos of Daisy's wild flowers, thankfully they are in a pot and can come with us. Aren't they beautiful.
And Molly's sweet peas are growing like crazy, climbing up the twisty willow sticks and smelling fabulous. I just didn't want to miss out on sharing them with you all. My little green fingered cupcakes are very proud of their flowers. And will continue to grow them in our new house, up the road. Yes we found one sigh! from me and a big yeay from us all. Thank you for all the support and love you've all given us over the last few weeks, it means so very much. And all those fingers, toes, legs and about anything that can be crossed has paid off. I will blog all about it very soon.
Here I am on the stall, and yes that is a huge piece of carrot cake in my hand lol i had to keep my strenght up. What with all that smiling and selling i was doing hehe! it was a lovely afternoon, lots of lovely friendly people and some friends that i knew popped in as well. I also had my 2 very best helpers, Jade and little Granny, but they where off on a tractor ride when Ben took this. And yes I will be seeing about getting Granny a apron made up lol with Granny Cupcake on it. A fab idea from the lovely Jane at Summer Blue that idea made little Granny smile.
Bless here is Molly with the cows, i think she'd make a great vet. She seems to have a way with animals. Very calm around them and they all come to her.
Well that is the first part of my catching up with you all. I hope you enjoyed it.
Back again soon with the second part, fun on the farm and moving news.
Have a good week.
Cupcake hugs,


LissyLou said...

you've been busy - i love the little goodbye party for preschool - how cute x

claire Maraldo said...

Well you lot certainly have green fingers!

i enjoyed the play group pics - so sweet! I feel a pang that those years seem such a long way away now!

Can't wait to hear about your new house.

Shabby Chick said...


HOW busy are you?! So glad you found a new house!

Your stall looked so lovely and colourful :)

Mel xxx

madmummy said...

What a lovely (but busy) week you've had!
xxx Steph

April said...

Looks like you've been busy. Am very jealous of those sweet peas as mine have been a failure this year

April xx

Pomona said...

Looks like you have been having a lovely holiday - I like the stall, too. It is good to see another Kentish blogger - do you and your stall ever come east?

Pomona x

saraeden said...

So glad you have found somewhere for all the cupcakes !!
Looks like your having a good holiday too , i love trips to the seaside hopefully we will get a visit to Wales !!

Sara x

Carol said...

Hi Molly,
what a lovely summery post with down pours included! funny weather isn't it...we seem to get the best bit of summer in the spring now.
Love your stall and you look fab in tha apron, did you make it? I have some Hatley all cut out and ready to sew, don't laugh but it has been in the projects to complete basket for over a year!
Maybe oneday we can mmet up for a cuppa in Rochester or maybe West Malling?
Have fun with the rest of the hols.
Carol x

Carol said...

PS...I know tha that you are really called Catherine! but I love the name Molly and it suits you so.

Rosesposes said...

Hi Catherine
looks like you have all been having a lovely time.
Your craft table looks gorgeous too.
x Dom