Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Our wedding day x

Sorry it's been a while in coming, but here is the first part of our wonderful wedding weekend.
I arrived a couple of mins late lol due to roadworks. My lovely friend Carol drove me and the cupcakes down and got stuck on the very corner to the reg office. I could see Ben and everyone pacing up and down looking nervous hehe! the flaming truck in front of us only needed to move a little bit and we'd of got through. A nudge more and we got though, he gave us a little sorry wave. He didn't realise there was a car full of bridesmaids and a bride LOL

Anyway i made it and here is Granny cupcakes as my witness and Ben's mum as his.
After the ceremony we walked up past Rochester Cathedral with fabulous sunshine and people congratulating us as we went lol
Around the corner we had a sneaky photo done in the back of Kings school gardens but shhh! don't tell anyone lol

Then it was on to the Vines park in Rochester, this is so special to me because it's where Ben proposed to me once more. It is also a beautiful little park and right on our door step. Very lucky to have it within walking distance.
Everyone joined in taking photo's. Here's Fern our old next door neighbour doing her David Bailey bit lol look at Granny cupcakes posing like a model hehe!
All the photo's speak for themselves, it was so beautiful and one of the happiest days of our lives.
There was even pink champagne.
Here's Ben with his mummy and sister Sam.

Just look at our beautiful girls, i was so proud of them all. Bless look at Molly's little face, as lots of you know she came out in chicken pox a few days later :( so was feeling a tiny bit under the weather. And she had had enough by now and was hungry too lol
Big sister Jade gave her and Daisy lots of cuddles and that made it all better. And the promise of some sweets hehe!
I love this photo, Jade looks so grown up and beautiful.
A few more group photo's and it was off to the pub for a drink then our Italian meal. Which we were all just about ready for.
The day was lovely and we ended it by a yummy meal and lots of chatting, smiles, laughter and big kisses.
And who couldn't resist lots of kisses for Granny cupcakes LOL
Thank for all the lovely congratulations and messages. It's been fun to share our magical time with you.
Now i know a few of you are wondering about the whole Kirstie Allsopp pink tie thingy?
Well I'd been asking (on at lol) Ben to wear a pink for me. But to no use, i nearly had him when i said that Molly had chosen one for him. But no he stood his ground hehe!
Then one evening a couple of days before our big day. I was on Twitter and said please everyone tell Ben short he has to wear a pink tie for me just for one day.
Well a few friends on there said come on Ben do it and a male friend said no Ben told firm lol
At this point i noticed Kirstie was twittering (i follow her) and Ben said if Kirstie Allsopp tells me to wear a pink tie, I'll wear one.
You can see where this is going can't you! So i tweeted her and she replied straight away, KirstieMAllsopp
@mollycupcakes Dear Ben short, pink ties are only way for real men to express true love, would've thought u know that by now? Lol Good Luck!
So due to this funny message Ben did indeed wear a pink for me and maybe a little bit for Kirstie LOL
What a fabulous lady, this was her last message to us: KirstieMAllsopp
@mollycupcakes @Ben_short very much my pleasure, so glad you had a good day x
Thank you once again everyone for the help and wishes xxx

I'll be back with part 2 the garden party, which is full to bursting with photo's.


Isobel said...

Hi Catherine,
Love your wedding pictures. Your dress is stunning and you look utterly gorgeous!
Congratulations. :)

Jackie said...

How lovely you all look! Looks as though the day was perfect and you all look so happy and radiant. Love that pic of the two of you looking at each other - and your girls all look beautiful. Thank you for sharing - can't wait to see the rest! xx
P.S Well done Ben, for wearing the pink tie! xx

daisy daydreams said...

Such beautiful photographs. You all looked so happy. Love your dress too.

TheMadHouse said...

Wow, looks like you all had a fantastic time. Congratulations again

Amanda said...

Gorgeous and I love the pink tie. The girls look stunning, glad it all went well.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahhh alll the photos are just beautiful. Such a pretty day for you too.
Can't wait to see the garden party photos now!
Have a lovely weekend

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aahh you all look so lovely and what fantastic photos and a fab setting for them.

madmummy said...

BEAUTIFUL photos! Such a gorgeous family x
Hope Molly is feeling better, has Daisy got it yet?!
xxx Steph

mollycupcakes said...

oh yes Steph,
miss Daisy has come out in chicken pox's today lol
nearly 3 weeks after miss Molly's out break.
oh well get it over and done with and before the summer holiday.
hope you're well x

Shabby Chick said...

What beautiful photos, I love that they aren't hugely formal and you all look so happy. Your girls are beautiful :)

Congratulations xxxx

claire Maraldo said...

Oh hurry up with the next round of photos. I've been dying to add mine but thought it wasn't quite the done thing to post them before the happy couple had posted theirs.

Lovely pix by the way. what a perfect day!

Taz said...

Stunning pictures and so many happy faces and lovely memories xx

Sheila said...

You look so, so beautiful. You have so many lovely pictures, i think everything looked great, i cant wait to see the next wedding blog!!! Everyone looks so pretty and at ease (despite those road works-at least your entitled to be late!!)
Sheila x

A Blessed Life said...

Absolutely gorgeous much happiness to you all... Carole

Rachel M said...

Your dress is beautiful, you look lovely. XxX

Victoria Plum said...

You all look absolutely stunning! What a glorious day ...memories you will treasure forever! Oh! I do love a wedding :)


gayna said...

The photo of you and Ben, sat down on the grass, gazing into each others eyes is so gorgeous. Your dress is hugely ticking all the boxes for me. Love it!

Massive congratulations, hope you are still buzzing from it all. x x x