Monday, 9 February 2009

Snow today! snow gone tomorrow!

Where did it all go so fast? poor Mr Snowman is no more, this was a a couple of days ago now and today the cupcakes looked out our bedroom window and sighed. "He's all gone Mummy"! "I know cups but you'll be able to make another one when there is more snow". Big smiles all round, phew! That was lucky no tears. Well apart from Mr Snowman's. Roll on Spring I miss you.
Look what the postie brought me on Saturday afternoon, my Valentine swap goodies. We where just off to do some food shopping when Ben said is that post van gonna be for you miss cupcakes? and it was. I couldn't wait to open it and had a little sneaky look inside the jiffy bag before the shopping trip commenced.
Back home food away, I ripped it open and just look at all the lovely things i received. Thank you so much Victoria from Tilly Rose. I really love everything you sent me and the chocolates, well they weren't around for long. Yummy scrummy as our Daisy would say.

I hope you like you bag of treats, they went out in the post today. A little late due to our post office closes early on Saturdays. It was fun doing this swap, thank you to A Thrifty Mrs for organising it. Big hugs x

My lovely heart mug had her first mocha in it today and look the fabulous postie dropped next months copy of Country Living on the mat. So it was the perfect excuse to sit down for 5 and flick through the pretty pages of March.
Speaking of prettiness, i just had to bring this home with me yesterday. It would of been so upset if I'd left it there after carrying it around the whole shop with me first lol no really i have been looking at a gorgeous CK bag online for a while hoping and wishing for it to come back in stock, even though i knew i was kidding myself. Things in the sale never come back in do they :( but now I'm so happy i didn't get it because this fabulous one was just waiting for me and my held on to Christmas and birthday vouchers to go in and buy it. I am so glad i kept most of my vouchers and didn't use them all in the sale. Sorry Jess i know your fighting with yourself over which bag to get. This one being your top favourite, well i can recommend it, it's big enough for all our mummy and girlie needs. The nice sales assiant even gave me my free copy of the new magazine. The funny thing is now it's not only me that has a wish list Miss Molly cupcakes has her eyes on some pretties for her birthday this month too. Awww such good taste, can't think where she gets it from lol Expensive taste Mr cupcakes says hehe!

I hope you've all enjoyed a lovely weekend, I'll be catching up with all as soon as i can. Busy, busy from the Sunday Express mag. Lots of orders and new ideas to work on.
Thank you all again for the lovely kind comments, this blogland is a wonderful place to be, it lifts me on grey days like today. X
Cupcake wishes,


Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely bag! I just love CK stuff, I'M ADDICTED!!
Looking forward to receiving the hearts from you, you must have been really busy!
I think all the children are thinking like your daughter, but I thoroughly agree with you - hurry up spring!!!!!

Have a great week!!

Sharon xx

jessica daisy said...

You lucky thing! Is it really as lovely as I think it might be, what is the print inside? does it have any compartments inside? how does it close? So many questions!
Molly has great taste, those boots are gorgeous!

driftwood said...

gorgeous goodies, all that pink is heart warming on a grey day you're right xx

Shabby Chick said...

I love looking at blogs on a grey day too! Though actually today we have blue sky here but you know what I mean :)

Your bag is wonderful, I love that new pattern. And your mug is great!

Mel xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Thanks for the hearts, Catherine, They arrived so quickly!!!!! I got them this morning & they are lovely! So cute!! I'm already thinking of ways to use them after Valentine's day!

Happy crafting : )

Sharon xx

Miss sew n sew said...

Oh! I want that bag I have one of her oilcloth book bags but that looks a lot more roomy and a love the strap and that print is gorgeous lucky you I'm very jealous!

thriftymrs said...

Great bag.
And what looks like a great swap. Love that mug.

saraeden said...

Ooooh i love that bag too !!
Thanks for the comment honey and the pouches are going to be on my website by Friday ... i hope !!

If you would like the cupcake one just email me and i will save it for you :0)

Sara x

Kelly said...

Gorgeous bag, I'm sooooooo jealous! We don't have CK stuff over here, or if we do I haven't found it, which is probably a good thing really! ;-)

LissyLou said...

I love that heart mug! x