Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday the 1st of Feb 2009 a big day for Mollycupcakes

I spy with my little eye something pink, lilac, green, baby blue and yellow? Yes it's my Pastry Brushes in S Magazine this Sunday in the Sunday Express. I couldn't believe it when they called and asked for a couple of photos because they'd chosen my pastry brushes for one of the 12 of the best baking accessories spread.

I am sooo pleased with how they look and am on the same page as John Lewis, Marks & Spencers, House of Fraser and cucina direct. Don't they look fab!

They posted me my own copy which arrived Friday but still didn't believe it all until Ben came home this morning with a couple more copies from the little shop up the road.
Bless he said he was so proud and told the shop lady all about it lol Thanks honey, your support means everything to me. I only hope this spread brings in some more sales for Mollycupcakes and i can make you even more proud and add some pennies to our wedding pot.
Thank you everyone for the lovely get well wishes for my little Granny, she's doing well and is very touched by them all.
Ps: well I've had my first order from the magazine spread, a lovely lady called and said I've just seen you in the Sunday Express and want to buy some pastry brushes Yeay! she also purchased a juicer, honey drizzlier and bunny egg cup. What a fabulous Sunday it's turned out to be. Hope everyone else is having a lovely day too.
Snowie hugs,


Hen said...

That's brilliant, congratulations.
Hen x

driftwood said...

what great news, your things look fantastic!

Sal said...

I just got back from my mum's.. and having helped her with the Sunday crossword,I took a peek inside the mag..and there were your pastry brushes!!
Well done you ;-)

Shabby Chick said...

How exciting!!! You'll be famous soon! I think you should get it framed and on the wall, oh and mentioned on your site of course :D

Mel xxx

Kitty said...

Oh, what brilliant news! Well done you ... here's hoping your are rushed off your feet by pastry brushes! x

April said...

Oh Catherine, that's amazing I am so thrilled for you - and delighted that I already have one of your highly desirable pastry brushes!

Well done honey, onwards and upwards

April xx

saraeden said...

Oh wow that's brilliant honey !!

Sara x

jenny holiday said...

Hoooray!! That is so GREAT!!! Very well deserved! Frame that page! :)

Pop over to my blog for a giveaway!

XOXO Jenny Holiday

Miss sew n sew said...

Congratulation's they do look lovely how exciting you must be so happy well done!

madmummy said...

How exciting! They look fab! Well done!
xxx Steph

Taz said...

Fantastic. congratulations :) I wish I'd seen this earlier so I could have ran out to grab the paper.

Jackie said...

Congratulations! I saw the mag at my Mums and immediately recognised your name from reading your blog. Your pastry brushes looked gorgeous - Well Done :O)

jessica daisy said...

so pleased for you sweetie!

Kathy said...

Well done Catherine. Kathy

JuicyFig said...

wow - I pop away for a little while, and you go getting all famous! well done you - they look fantastic!


Rubyred said...

Well Done Catherine,You're famous now!
Hope your gran is feeling better.
Have just signed up to the chicken out campaign!
Rachel x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Well done you!

Ragged Roses said...

Catherine that's wonderful news, well done! I am so happy for you!
Glad to hear your granny is recovering.
Wasn't the snow fantastic today!

Carol said...

Oh, a big well done to you! how brilliant and they really do look so pretty, want one!
Carol xxx

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo well done you, they are gorgeous and what a pretty design :) You and your family I am sure are so proud :) I agree get it framed

Thank you so much for your wonderfully encouraging words, maybe I am thinking i would like more af a diary blog, I know I love it here and all your pretty photographs are so cheery, so thank you so much for sharing


Rosesposes said...

Hi Catherine
Well done you must have been well chuffed!, hope you have framed the page too!.
Just catching up with your posts hope your lovely granny is doing well.
X dom

Curlew Country said...

How brilliant! Hope it snowballs into bigger things and more publicity for you.


Lottie said...

oooh they look fantastic in print! I'm sure you'll get lots of orders - every kitchen should have one (or 3!) congrats! lottie x

Anonymous said...

Hearty congratulations to you! It is indeed very exciting to see your pretty things "in print"!!

Anonymous said...

thats absolutely brilliant my famous

Thecraftytrundler said...

That's awesome!!! What a claim to fame!!! POLKA DOTS RULE OK!!!
Hope your gran goes from strength to strength. Bet she'll be pleased to see spring, and get out of the cold!

Sharon xx

Donna said...

Well done Catherine. It is well deserved, your products are gorgeous x

claire Maraldo said...

Well- haven't they done you proud!

Let's hope lots more business comes your way but not so much that you are too busy for coffee and cake!

Florence said...

Goodness Catherine! That's just so exciting. I can't imagine quite how you must have felt seeing your lovely things next to big brands like that. How wonderful - they do look perfect in the picture too! x

Little Knitter Gem said...

Awww congratulations on being "discovered"!! Your goodies really are gorgeous! :)

Gemma x x