Friday, 15 May 2009

Fabric Friday

I was just sorting through my fabric box and i thought I'd share some of it with you all. I also won this fab book that I've been after for a while now on good old Ebay. Now i just have to choose something from it and make a start. lol
I had a fab Wednesday out with the ever so lovely Claire from pixie land. Even though i was some what car, air and about everything sickie. Thankfully i wasn't actually sick. I think it was the close weather that day. I still managed to have a fab time and it soon went then we got to this wonderful shop, look at the pretty fabric i got in Miss CK's. Only £12 a metre, bargain! This will be on my craft table at the 2 fairs I'm doing this Spring and Summer. I also came away with a dress for Molly, Stanley cushion for Daisy and new purse for me. Happy times lol Thanks Claire for spending the day with a nearly ever so ill miss cupcake. We must do it again soon. Big hugs, X
Now my stash of fabric is no where near as wonderful as some of yours and i never know really know what I'm going to make with the pieces i buy. But they all get used in the end. I do hope that my lovely swap partner Mandy likes her handmade items, i really want to show you photos off it all but will wait until she's received it first.
For now here is some more of my pretty pieces.
Have a good weekend and enjoy what ever your doing.


LittleGem said...

Beautiful fabrics Catherine, and well done on your CK fabric bargain! I got some bargain fabric today too! Looking forward to seeing your swap xx

madmummy said...

What beautiful fabrics!
Happy weekend to you too hon...
xxx Steph

Shabby Chick said...

I am very envious of the beautiful fabrics! I haven't had any new ones for ages but I must have a dig around in the ones I already have, there is probably some I've forgotten!

Looking forward to seeing your swaps. I didn't take any pictures of what I sent (doh!).

Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgous fabrics! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, could you please send me your address and I will pair you up with a partner for the rose swap.
My email address is


Red said...

oohhh! lovely.... it makes me want to go and make something! Good Luck with whatever you decide to make!

Florence said...

Oh Catherine! Your stash is gorgeous! I have the Lotta book too and love looking through it. x

Anonymous said...