Friday, 8 May 2009

Spring pegs, some fab finds, some chickens, May fair fun and growing something new on the allotment.

Mollycupcakes as gone all green. With my new apple green colour for Spring. These dotty pegs will be in my new washing line range. The sets will be varnished to protect them in all weathers and i think will brighten up those grey washing days. Pretty pegs hung a line of freshly washed linens would put a smile on my face any day lol
Watch out for these little lovelies and some other items in this fabulous apple green

A couple of weekends ago we picked up little Granny and went off to the Delting fair. Not much there this time but i did get a few nice bits. Another pudding bowl, don't how many of these i really need lol i must have about 5 or 6 now hehe! A cute red handled melon baller and butter pads, for when one day i can make my own butter blocks from our cow Florence (a girl can dream). I can just see me now in a green polka dot dress, straw in my hair, red wellies and a chicken under one arm lol
We ended our trip with a little picnic next to some sheep in a field, yummy sandwiches, juice and naughty cakes from little Granny. Perfick!
Now on to last Saturday, off we went to Badger-hill-farm, it's sort of our second home in the Spring and Summer months. We've been there so many times now they will know what we want before we order it lol

Ben loves the ploughman's, i love the cream tea (but have their real coffee instead) and the cupcakes big and small love any of the cakes.
And we all love the chickens lol
Cheeky lot they'll eat anythings that is going or on offer lol Daisy wasn't to keen on the cockerel's because they are just about the same height as her and she thinks they are going to eat her fingers hehe! But miss Molly and Jade just try to pick them all up for cuddles. Good luck girls they can run faster than you LOL
Any way we had a lovely time, it's well worth a visit if you're in the area or on you're way to or from Canterbury.
Rochester saw it's Sweeps festival this weekend and the weather was so nice on Saturday it was packed out in the town that's why we went off somewhere else instead. But on Sunday it was a little more unsettled until the afternoon. So i took the cupcakes big and small off down there to see all the Morris and May pole dancers. Go on the fair ground rides and eat candy floss.
Up in the castle grounds where the fair was we came across a fabulous fairy tent and paid the pixie on the door £2 a cupcake and then spent 45 mins listening to a fairy tell us a story of how making fairy crowns came about. And then we got to make our own. Making the wild flowers out of tissue paper because you can't pick any of the wild flowers for real.
Aren't they lovely even big sis made one. And she worn it all the way home too. She looks just like a fairy princess.
You can find out all about the fairy tents and wild flowers here and maybe even find the inner fairy in you.
I had to share with you this new sort of Daisy we're growing ready to plant up at the allotment. It's a very rare Daisy, the giggling and cheeky kind LOL She likes to be fed sweets and drinks lots of juice. Place in a sunny spot and water well...
No really this was the sight that i was greeted with yesterday afternoon, while sitting in doors chatting to little Granny and having a coffee. Miss Daisy flower with the help of Miss Mollycupcake. Dug a small hole in the garden, just big enough for tiny feet to stand in and filled it with rain water from our water butt. The words "oh my god" came from me and "look Mummy get the camera" from Daisy lol well how could i be cross with that. 3 photos later and she was in the house, washed feet and hands (because they couldn't be left out of the muddy water, sigh!) and she was all sparkly clean again. I just used to make mud pies and cakes not paddle in it. What will she get up to with the help of Molly next? Her skin is very soft now, so mud really does work. lol
Just to end this ever so long post, not bored yet are you? hehe! here are a couple of photos of our little patch at the allotments. And they don't look like this any more. Ben has planted lots of different veg.
And we've helped Fern (our neighbour that owns it) with clearing other parts too, which we can now use also. I love the digging, it's so good to see it all weed free. Argh! it's the good life for this cupcake family.
I'll get more new photos over the weekend, that's if the sun shines.
Have a lovely weekend.
And to all of you fabulous blogger's in my blogs i love to read list, sorry if I've not been keeping up with you, it's just been so busy here. And thank you and big hugs and love from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you in it and those of you that leave me lovely comments. And i will try very hard to get back to you other the next few weeks.
Cupcake wishes to all x x x
Love x


bekimarie said...

Love the new pegs, what a great colour. I would never say green was my favourite colour but I always feel drawn to it for some reason!
Looks like you've had a great time recently, I would of loved to visit the fairy tent and make fairy crowns!
Have a great weekend.
Beki xxx

Polka Dot Daze said...

Loving those fairy garlands! I wish I could have come along too.

Anonymous said...

I love the pegs, just fabulous!xxx

Mandy said...

Oh look at Miss Daisy in the puddle! Bless her. The fairy crowns are amazing! The girls look fantastic in them xx

Devon Dumpling said...

Looks like you have been doing lots of fun things recently with your lovely family! x

Tracy x said...

how beautiful is the picture of your two little fairies kissing.... and their big sister looks so pretty..
hugs to you and your fantastic family - catch up for a good chat as soon as lambing has finished x
t x

Simply H said...

Love the look of Badgers Hill Farm, we will have to go along for a visit!
Sounds like the Sweeps festival was fun! I remember it well as we used to live in Rochester a few years ago (funnily enough in a street called Catherine street!

Bobo Bun said...

Apple green yum. A lovely post, not too much, just a good catch up. Can't believe all the digging, my veg patch is still all weedy (better get a move on hadn't I).

Lisa x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohhh lovely & spring-like.
Happy Spring sweet gals.