Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Christmas came early to Rochester on Monday evening.

Last Monday between 4 and 9pm A touch of Christmas magic fell upon Rochester high street with my favourite shop Capture the Castle's Christmas preview evening.
On offer was not only a free glass or two of mulled wine, mince pies or brownies but a whopping 20% everything in the shop. Just right for some early Christmas shopping.

I popped down with miss cupcakes herself Molly. She picked up a treat or two and some chocolate brownie.

The little green robin with the bobble hat had to come home with us lol and maybe next time I'm in I'll pick up his little red friend too.
It really felt like Christmas, all cold outside and warm and toastie in. And the trees looked so festive and twinkly. Oh it's my fave time of year, well I'm aloud to get excited because Christmas is the month of my birthday and ever year I'm like a kid in a candy shop, as soon as the nights draw in and those Christmas adverts start. I know it's nearly here yeay! and having children makes it even more fun.

Molly's watching the wooden reindeer's to see if they move or not hehe! and check out those beautiful velvet jack cushions. I know a teenager that will be wishing for one of those.
We are very lucky to have a beautiful shop like this in Rochester and if your ever over this way i can't recommend it enough. They even have a cute little coffee shop at the back, which boasts of tasty lattes, hot choc's and tea. Yummy homemade cakes and sandwiches. And a fabulous range of stunning gifts, you might even spy a Mollycupcakes treat or two in there wink wink!
If you live to far away or are just to busy, you can also pop on to their and browse lots of pages of loveliness.
Molly and i came away with a big bag of Christmas treats including one of those lovely wooden reindeer's, Molly was looking at, some berry smelling candles, next years Country Living diary and 2 little handmade felt deers. I think i must have a thing for our antler wearing friends or a new Christmas theme in my head lol
We made our way home after a few more photos and a glass of hot mulled wine to warm me for the long walk back. I had Rosie red cheeks after a glass of that, it left me with a Ready Brek glow LOL much like the light from this huge lantern. So inviting aren't they.
I hope everyone is well, sorry it's been a while. The cupcake house has been full of icky cupcakes and man flu, some how it missed me ha ha! a strong constitution cupcake Granny says, must get it from her side.
But on top of illness and being nurse, I've been so busy with orders, new stock, preparing for my coffee morning and trying to go live with NOTHS. The days have just been flying by. We did enjoy a fun and safe bonfire night, over at the local little church. And the cupcakes enjoyed the disco afterwards. Lots of oow and awww and some glow sticks to bring home. Then watching everyone else's fireworks from the warmth of our bedroom to end the night. Lovely.
Hope you all had a fab time. Back soon.
Love x


Tia said...

What GREAT pictures ! REALLY Christmas the shop had an evening ,great way of pulling the customers ,wish more shops would be more "community" minded....glad you enjoyed your evening ! I was at the knitting & Stitch show here in the RDS in Dublin and saw cupcake pincushions, thought of you !

Shabby Chick said...

That shop looks so scrummy! LOADS of things I would have loved to buy, I bet your little cupcake loved it in there! I will go and check out the website now.

Mel xxx

madmummy said...

what a lovely eve with miss molly, she has great taste, love that robin!!
xxx Steph