Friday, 20 November 2009

Fancey a cuppa, cake and a little shopping?

Next Wednesday I'm holding a coffee morning at the cupcakes house. There will be a Christmas stock on sale, some yummy cakes, coffee and tea, maybe some mulled wine and mince pies. A small raffle which all the money raised will go to the Saturation Trust.
I've invited lots of Mummies and friends from around the area, but if any of my blogging friends are close by, please feel free to drop by. It would be lovely to see you. Doors open 10 until 12, bring a smile and your purse lol you never know what Christmas treats your find.

Maybe some snowmen pegs...
or merry Christmas ones....

or even these happy little snowmen heart tags. There will also be other items on offer, knitted cupcakes, needle cases, a few Made in Pixieland items and lots more.
I'm hoping for a good turn out but most of all for it to be fun and welcoming.
Other news this week, Mr cupcakes and i have booked a date for our wedding yeay! the 28th of May 2010
I'm very excited and a little scared too, my cupcake top belly really has to go before then. And i really have no idea on what to wear. Ben and the cupcakes sorted but me, no idea! argh! Any tips greatly received ladies x (no big wedding dresses though, that's just not me).

Have a lovely weekend and keep warm and dry. When will this flaming weather end?
I like fresh, crisp Winter days not wet soggy ones lol
Love x


Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh how lovely, wish I was close by to pop along.
I will be there in cupcake spirit, so have a bite of cake for me.
Oohhhh a set date how exciting, ooohhh how lovely to be looking for a dress, I'm afraid I am not much use though as I got married in black with a big red coat ~ well it was Christmas Eve with only 2 witnesses, certainly not suitable for May! Lol!
Hope you have lots of fun finding your perfect dress.
Have a lovely weekend

bekimarie said...

What a lovely idea, so wish I could come but will be taking a look at your shop for some of those lovely pegs.
Lovely month to get married in.
Have a great weekend
Beki xxx

Garden Girl said...

oooh, I'm loving the new deep purple colour on the pegs and hearts. Hope your coffee morning is a huge success-a little too far away for me to pop in, I'm afraid, but best of luck.
As for the fashion advice, hmm, perhaps a vintage fifties tea dress? May be just the thing for a may wedding!

Tia said...

Would LOVE to be there....So near yet so far :0(
BUT will be there in spirit, have a wonderful morning and hope you sell lots ! Cant wait to see the photos !

April said...

Oh Catherine, your snowmen are so sweet!!!

Delighted to hear you've set a date and look forward to hearing your plans and seeing photos!


April xx

Devon Dumpling said...

How very exciting for you, Catherine!!!

I got married in a beautiful two piece, a tight bodice with beading at the bust and a flowing skirt with a small train (but not a meringue = yuck!!) in a beautiful, pale, shimmering blue.

I would seriously consider a 'proper' wedding dress as I have heard of numerous brides that have said that they did not want a 'wedding' dress and found that actually they did and some left it too late or they went with the non-wedding dress and later regretted it. A lot of wedding dresses these days are very colourful and not all are full length. The bride at the last wedding I went to had a knee length white dress but it had a shocking red petticoa under it!

If it defintely is not for you, a vintage dress or maybe an evening type dress maybe nice instead.

Love Hannah x

Effie's Dreams said...

Hello lovely Mollycupcakes, i wish, wish, WISH i could come to your coffee shopy morning :) i love your site and clever ideas but unfortunately I can't come and join in the fun because i am bridesmaids dress shopping for my little niece because i am getting married next year too!! Yay! Congratulations to you too!!! It is SO scary isn't it but so, so exciting. You've been together with Mr Cupcake as long as i have been with my boy who is called Mr Holliday :)) Anyway please visit my blog and let me know what you think (i don't think anyone has seen it yet! eekk) and (i am making something for my wedding) x Hope all goes well on weds and hope to hear from you soon, love Lexie X ps would love to join in the next heart swap in the future xxx :)

Lynsey said...

I too wish I was close enough to drop in. Good luck, with the coffee morning AND the wedding preparations! xxxx