Sunday, 18 July 2010

a very bad blogger indeed

While we've been having fabulous weather like this, the cupcakes house has been very busy indeed.
We've made the most of the sun and had lots of beach days.
With digging....
...and watering the sand lol
We've sat back and relaxed enjoying the blue skies and sunshine.
Sadly a little to much for me one weekend and i ended up burning my feet, ouch! thankfully the cupcakes suncream was as thick as paint lol and waterproof. Mine washed off when paddling in the sea, which = sore feet for a week and half.
Anyway after they'd recovered it was time to get my legs out again lol I am going for the festival look.
The weather as still wonderful for Molly's first sports day. Look at her jump.
Off she goes again and this time, she got a silver stick for coming second.
Very proud Molly and even prouder Mummy and Daddy. Well done little cupcake x
Rochester has held it's second Cherry Picnic and i was lucky enough to have a stall this year.
The whole family came to help and eat.
Jade and i where very tempted by the cake and pudding stall next to us. The competition was enter a pudding and the winner gets the have it made for a year in one of the local restaurant's.
Some of them smelt so good. I wish I'd been a judge and tested them all lol
It was a lovely day and we raised lots of money for the Macmillan nurses and a little for myself and they sold out of cherries, which coursed a bit of complaining. We got ours first thing hehe! before anyone arrived (clever us).
Thanks cupcake family for all your help, you made it a wonderful day x
Now back the another week and it was full of day trips to school for Daisy, which she loved.
And her very last sports day at playgroup.
Daddy made it to this one and we sat and watched her jump, run.....
...and hop in lots of races.
There was even time for cuddles with her favourite Auntie Alison. I don't know who's going to miss each other more. Daisy or Auntie Alison.
There was a Mummies and Daddies relay race which Ben taped but I'll keep for our viewing only LOL my team won though yeay! this made Daisy very happy.
Even more running in the same week, with fun and games at the playgroups teddy bear picnic.
I went down and joined them for some lunch in the park and snapped this photo of Daisy. It has to be my favourite one ever.
That week ended with the playgroups Summer fair. Which was a huge success, we raised £306
Here's the baking raffle prize i put together, it's got a mini hummingbird bakery book, cupcake mix, whisk, spoon and juicer, sprinkles, cherries, cupcake cases, a fabulous apron from Just Original and it's all popped in a cupcake and dotty box.
The raffle prizes where fabulous to this year, a big thank you to everyone that helped make it happen.

On the Saturday it was off to Granny cupcakes and my old secondary school's Summer fair.
Where there was bunting and lots of old memories.
Cakes, candy floss and a tea cup ride. We all had fun. I even saw one of my old teachers, who remembered me, not sure that's a good thing LOL i was a little cheeky as a teenager. But weren't we all?
Another Sunday and it's more beach time. No sun burn this time.
Just lots of fun, relaxing and sandcastles.
And very big smiles......

So you see I've been a busy cupcake this last few weeks and blogging has taken a back seat.
I will try to keep up and pop in on you all. I love my blog and love all of you that drop by and leave comments.
Right for now I'm off to spend time with my cupcakes and recover from this flaming tummy that's been bugging me for 5 days now argh! no time to be ill.
There is fun to be had.
With love,


Jen Walshaw said...

Looks like you have had a fab time, the boys sports day was rained off!

Summer Blue said...

Catherine, what a busy, busy time you've had over the last few weeks and lots of trips to the beach. I'm going to make the most of the sunny day here in Devon today and take the girls to the beach after school as I think showers are forecast this week.
Well done to the little cupcakes on their sports day races...Can you believe that Daisy starts school soon?! Where have our babies gone?!!
Take care,
Jane. xx

Just Original said...

Your not a bad blogger just a busy one with a life!

Its looks like you have been having lots of fun, the beach looks gorgeous.

Vanessa x

VA Boutique said...

Aaahh hunny bun what a wonderful sunny summery post.
I love all the fun you have been having as a family.
Your stall looks so adorable at the Cherry Picnic & raising money for such a good cause too.
Happy Summer Days to you.
P.S Mum is doing fine thank you for asking, coming to the end of her chemo soon then starts her radio therapy ~ every day for 4 weeks! *urrggh* But she is doing good.

claire Maraldo said...

I think your pictures are the essence of a English summer (without the rain thank goodness!)

Hope the tummy bug has gone now.

we must get together soon.

LinenandRoses said...

Gosh, looks like you've had a really busy summer. But a fun one too. If you think you're a bad blogger, just take a look at mine. I've neglected it for nearly a year! Just plucking up the courage to get it started again. Enjoy the rest of the summer.