Friday, 29 October 2010

Sad times and good times :( :)

I can't believe it's July since i last did a blog post. You must of all been thinking I'd fallen off the earth.
I did in a way because 3 weeks ago my beautiful step Daddy past away in his sleep. After fighting off cancer of the head, living with altimers and only having 1 lung for 60 years of his life. He closed his eyes and went peacefully to the angels.
My poor Mummy has now got to rebuild the life she once knew. But is getting there with all our love and the support of her friends.
RIP Dad 09/10/10
Love you always x

Once i arrived back from Ireland, I had a 101 things to do get on with. Customer orders and this lovely occasion to look forward to and help me feel happy again.
Yes our very own little cupcake Granny turned 90 on the 22nd Oct and myself, my 2 beautiful cousin's and auntie Jenny throw her a big party on the 23rd.
There was wine, a chocolate fountain, all her favourite foods and treats, music, a this is your life, lots of old friends and family, yummy birthday cake (made by the fabulous Rachel my cousin), presents, laughter, party poppers, karaoke, photos and enough chocolate to put Willie Wonker to shame hehe!
This happy event has done all of us the world of good and I'm sure Dad would of been smiling above us too.
Thank you to everyone that helped make Granny's birthday party happen and all that came along.
Happy belated blog Granny, now the next big ones 100 isn't it ;) see you there x

Granny cupcakes on the far right with her Dad, Mum and Brother. It's amazing how much i look like her then. Wonder if I'll see my 90th?


Unknown said...

Sending Big hugs to you my darling x x x SO sorry to hear your bad news x xCongrats to your Granny too!
Annie xxx

Anonymous said...

I had been wondering where you were. I'm pleased that you're back. I'm so sorry to hear your sad news.xx

Dinahsoar said...

So sorry to hear about your dad. It's always too soon to lose a loved one and it is hard for your mum for sure.

So glad to have you back. Have missed your blog posts. I love England and your life gives me a peek into English life and country.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your Dad having to leave you :-( Hope all your wonderful memories of him help you through this really tough time and I hope your Mum is OK too.

I am having a giveaway at mine which might cheer you up just a little.

Taz said...

I actually popped over last night to see if you'd surfaced yet.

(((((Big big hugs))))) for having to say goodbye to your Dad. I know that pain and it hurts bad.

And a hooray for your wee granny's birthday and what a fabby party you all threw her.

Welcome back hon, wishing you gentle days.

Amanda said...

Its awful when these things happen. So glad though your dad got to see you married, its little things like that which help you get through a tough time. Take care.

Amanda x

Summer Blue said...

Lots and lots of hugs to you Catherine at such a sad time for you all.
Happy Birthday to Granny CC, she really is a remarkable woman and as you know reminds me so much of my granny and we had such a similar relationship as you and Granny Cupcakes have. My granny would have been 90 next week but you know I'm not sure she'd have been able to compete with Granny CC in the 'Glamerous Granny' stakes, she looked beautiful.
Take care, lots of love to you all,
Jane. xx

madmummy said...

Hon, have been thinking of you, wondering how you were...
Lots of love to you for the sad times and the happy times...
BIG hug, Steph x

VA Boutique said...

Hi Catherine
Again I'm so sorry to hear this sad news.
My thoughts & love are with you & also your Mum. Sending her my love.

Aahhh Granny cupcakes, Happy 90th Birthday! Hope she had a super duper day.

Sending you lots of love

teawithonesugarplease said...

I am so sorry for your loss and giving you a big heartfelt hug x

Anonymous said...

So very sorry to read about your dad. You speak so lovingly of him, he must have been a wonderful person.

You are SO much like your granny. I can hardly beleive she is 90 years old. Must be good genes huh?

Taz said...

Hey honey, just thought i'd pop over and see how you're doing. Sending more big ((((hugs))))

Unknown said...

most beautiful cake i have ever seen!!! sooo sweet :)

Amanda said...

For some reason i could not comment on your latest post. lovely to have you back x

Unknown said...

i can't belive it so sad...but that happend in 2011 and these year is 2014 so that happend a long time ago.Well i'm so sorry.