Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ireland break part two.

Sorry it's been a while getting back to you with the other part of our Irish break. You all know how it is. The weeks just run into one another.

Anyway here we are after going off on one of Ben's brown sign trips.

We spotted this tower in the distance and wanted to know what it was. So Mum and I popped into their local library and found out all about it and off we went.

The story is that a very nasty wealthy man is buried inside it upside down on his head and he built the tower so everyone would have to look up to him after he'd passed away. The same way they had to look up to him when he was alive. (Not a nice man). He thought that if he was buried upside down when the world ended it would spin around and he would be standing the right way up for his next life. Very odd don't you think. Jade and Ben sneaked right up to the tower like a couple of pirates coming in off their ships on to land hehe!

Your only really aloud to visit it on special tours. But nobody saw them or shouted "Get off my land" lol And Mum and I watched on from the car, laughing at them ducking and running across the field. Wish I'd taped that lol

Up here where this sign was it felt like we where on top of the world. All you could hear was the wind not even a bird singing. And the view was a full 360 degrees, it was amazing. You could smell the freshen. We walked up to this cross (no photos just yet they need moving round the right way) anyway it's a memorial to a priest that went up there to say a Christmas mass and was killed for doing so (not very nice). In that day and age they weren't aloud to do mass anywhere. Not even in the middle of nowhere. It was well worth the visit the sites where breath taking.

And the girls enjoyed running around and chasing their Nana, while she tried to keep them from going on the boggy land and sticking in it hehe!

More signs lend us to this tomb where the cat fairy's live lol I know it sounds crazy and it is probably a load of old rubbish, but it was fun just finding it in the middle of nowhere. If you click on the photo it tells you all about it.

One afternoon we drove up to the wind turbines for Jade so she could get close to one of them and have her photo taken. They are huge and make a funny sound. But in this photo this one looks small, it's just the angle of the photo. I don't understand why people moan about them, they don't look ugly to me. Lets make the world a greener place is what I say.
So after a party, yummy birthday meal for Mum, days in the park playing and lots of brown sign trips. Ben and I had the last evening to ourselves. The little ones tucked up safe in bed, Jade just home from pony riding with her best Irish friend Ashley and Mum and Dad happy to babysit (if you can call it that when they're fast asleep lol).
We set off for a bit of ghost hunting. Armed with the camera, some sweets and juice we drove off into the unknown. Oooow!

This old church was in the middle of nowhere Ben got out and walked up to it. I was more of a chicken and stayed in the car with the doors locked. I just didn't fancy it and it was very cold. There is something about churches at night, the mind just works over time on all the odd noises. Cool photos and brave Ben.
We came across this very scary looking deserted house. When we where looking for the real ghost house. I wouldn't want to stay there on my own. Eerie isn't it?
Driving around the lovely Irish country side at dusk is so very different to the bright sunny day time. And after going up and down lots of curvy roads, we stopped at another field with an old house in it and was going to get a snap of it when a young farmer on his tractor drove over and asked if we where alright. "Yes thanks we're just out looking for the ghost house" oh right he said it's just up the road a bit. You're see a break in the trees like a track. So off we went and here it is. The entrance to the Coonian Ghost house.
As you can see it was getting a little to dark to go right in and explore, so Ben just jumped across a ditch to the path that leads up to it. He took this photo and on the top left corner there is an orb. I really didn't like the feeling of the place at all and felt a little sickie. We only discovered this orb when looking through the photos in bed that night. And it freaked me out. We would never of been silly enough to try and find the house in the dark not even with a big torch and 2 burly Irish blokes by our sides lol Very scary looking place. Maybe next time we're come back in the day light, that's if I'm brave enough lol

If you want to find out more about the house just Google it. There are a few stories from people that have been there and experienced things. I myself had a huge sore bump come up on my right leg the following day. It got worse as the week went on and I had to take antihistamines for it. When I told my Mum about it the first thing she said was "you didn't up to that ghost house did you?" so maybe there is something in it. I'm all better now but it did make me think there is something not right about that place even now after all these years. Ooow! lol or maybe I just got bit by something.
Anyway we all made it home in one piece to England and enjoyed our trip to Ireland. It holds lots of memories to keep with me when I want to think of Mum and Dad.
Thank you both for having us all and our noise lol
Have a great weekend everyone, we're off to the Kent County Fair, lets hope it doesn't rain or we're be muddy ducklings lol
Ta ta for now.
Catherine x


Ragged Roses said...

What great photos, I;d love to visit Ireland, it always looks and sounds such a wonderful country. Not sure if I'd visit the Ghost House, might be tempted. Hope the leg is better and you have a good weekend too

julia said...

Spooky! Sounds like you had a great time over in Ireland scaring yourselves silly, not sure I'd have been brave enough to go anywhere near the ghost house!
Have a great bank holiday
Julia x

twiggypeasticks said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I LOVE Ireland, fab photos very atmospheric

Rubyred said...

Loved reading all about your trip to Ireland.Love your new banner too,you clever thing!

saraeden said...

Wow you managed to visit so many great places ... my eldest son loves to go to Ireland but i have never been yet maybe one day soon !!

Glad you all had a grand time and that you all got back safely !!

Sara x

Anonymous said...

Hi cathy,
What a lovely pic of you, jade and your mum. will catch up soon with you promise.

Things Hand Made said...

I think I would have stayed inside the car rather than go to the church. with the moon in the background it looks very spooky. Some good local stories. Thanks for sharing.

Vintage Amethyst said...

OOoohhh spooky! How weird is it that the man was buried upside down!!!
Sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic trip to Ireland, loved all the photos.
Love Alison x

shabby chic said...

Hi Catherine
Thanks for sofa advice am swaying towards getting it, and if it doesnt look right I will pass it on.
No thats not cheeky asking to buy the cup & saucer!, but I would find it hard to part with as it was my hubby who spotted it first! and it is just so lovely. I will look out for another when I am at car boot and when I find one I will send it to you(promise !). I had a little afternoon tea party with a couple of friends today and all my mix and match vintage plates & cups & saucers came out. it looked all pretty
Anyway take care x Dom