Sunday, 6 April 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Look what we woke up to this morning, yeay! snow!

Bundling on coats, hats, gloves and scarfs, we went out in our little garden and enjoyed some snowball fun. Daisy didn't like it very much and wouldn't walk on the grass lol
Jade had a big smile on her face when she saw it all and came out and joined in the fun.
Snowballs thrown, numb fingers and wet toes lol we came back in for a hot cuppa and workout whether to pop out to the shops or not. For milk, bread (salt lol) no, no salt, why does everybody go mad and by up all the salt when we get a little snow. By the time they get it home it's all melted hehe!
All warm and dry we get ready to face the cold again, as you see Molly takes keeping warm very seriously lol toasty little cookie.
Off we go, luckily the roads are clear and the food shops aren't full of crazed people, so milk, bread and a few other bits and bobs later. We end up here at a country park for some real thick snow. Isn't it beautiful?
I love the way it clings to the trees, like someones come along and flocked it all in soft white fluffiness. Lovely just lovely.
Molly and Jade loved it and ran off into the woods where it was nice and deep. They could make big snowballs in there. Poor Ben got one right in the face lol (no photo) But he got his own back and Jade had some down her back hehe!
Daisy and I stayed well out of it all, she wouldn't let anyone put her down. Crying if we tried. I guess it all just looked very scary covering everything and making funny noises as we walked. It must be a 2 year old thing.
Another quick pose and it's back t the car for us all before the cold really sets in. Yes I know the pink umbrella looks very funny but I just couldn't find my flaming hat and I've just had my hair cut again. The wet, damp and snow don't mix it just makes me go all frizzy lol So I came up with this idea to keep nice and dry. Daisy liked it too, all safe and snug under it with Mummy.
I spotted this on walking through the path. It's like a umbrella with fingers holding hand fulls of snow in the air. Oww a arty moment for me lol
Back at the car, we left our foot prints in the snow. Far left Molly, middle Jade and just to the right me. Don't we have small feet.
All at home safe and warm. Hot drinks all round and a cake or two ;) A fun but cold family day. Wish we had a sledge, that would of been great fun. Just like when I was a girl and the snow was so thick, it came up to your knees. And you didn't feel the cold until your fingers went pink. Good days. Remember thoses days?
I hope you all enjoyed the snowy weather as much as we did and it didn't course you any troubles. Just lots of fun together. And that your all safe and cosy, snuggled up in doors now.
Back soon with a few new treats in the post and news of a trip coming very soon.
Big cosy hugs.
Catherine x


Kitty said...

Love the new look here - it's very pretty.

We had snow too - it didn't last long, but was lovely whilst it lasted.


Garden girl said...

I LOVE snow! All very excited in our household (well, two of us!) Looks like you all had a great day as well, it's days out like that the little people remember isn't it? I remember deep snow, making a proper snowman in my Grans' back garden, we used to play out there for hours until it suddenly occured to us that we were freezing cold, wet and starving and that it was getting dark. But that was back in the day when it snowed at Chrismas( before the clocks changed), not after Easter!xxx

April said...

Love the new banner, those cakes look delicious

April xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my goodness, what a lot of snow! We had a lot of snow fall yesterday too but it didn't lay! Boo!
Can you believe snow in April!!!!?!!
We are having a hailstone storm at the mo!
I remember playing in the snow when I was little, we seemed to get so much more of it then!
I remember getting too cold and wet and then coming in and placing our mittens on top of the fireplace to dry out and then running back outside again once they did!

I am loving you new look here too, fab! Oh and I have also posted a little post about my goodies today too!
Alison x

Curlew Country said...

What a perfect family day (and isnt it the law for daddy's to get a pummelling when it snows?! Certainly was when I was growing up!). My little man wouldn't go near the snow either and he's usually the bolder of my two, must be an age thing, he's only 18mths so there's time yet. Bless poor Daisy, they really don't like it do they. I just love that picture of you with her - safe in mummy's arms.
Looking forward to your next post -sounds exciting!
Have a lovely week and thanks for your lovely messages! They always make me smile so much.

Ragged Roses said...

Sounds like you had a great day too! I don't know who loves it more me or the kids!

Jasminé said...

Hi there from Ireland,
I love your blog, its so sweet and pretty and warm.
I like the snow pics, looks like you had a lot of fun, the last time we did the snow ball thing was about 3 years ago when it snowed in ireland - enough to even make a snowman, which was so fascinating for the kids, worth every minute of freezing our hands off!
take care

driftwood said...

what fun, I think the pink umbrella looked great in the snow!

Alison Boon said...

Oh pink and dotty my favourite.
I love the gift you sent to Alison. So very you and I think her.
Maybe it's a Daisy thing, our Daisy wasn't too keen on snow either back in 2004 and says that's why she loves NZ. Such wisdom in a seven year old.

pink-petal-designs said...

it when it snows and the kids play out in it !!
Sarah x

pink-petal-designs said...

I just noticed you have a new pic, love it !!
Sarah x