Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Meme! and thank you's.

A while ago the fabulous Tracy over at Cupcakes at home sent me a meme to do. So here goes honey, sorry it's taken so long. You know my mad house lol

Question 1 name 4 films I watch over and over.

1) Chocolat - you can never have enough chocolate and Mr Depp together

2) Love Actually

3) Truly Madly Deeply

4) Chicken Run - I know it's a kids film but we've had to have it on everyday since I taped it off the telly lol and if we get chicken one day I'm gonna call 2 of them Babs and Bunty hehe!

4 Places I've lived.

1) Maidstone in Kent

2) East Malling in Kent

3) Tonbridge in Kent

4) And now Chatham you guessed it in Kent lol

I did live for 2 weeks in London Kensington with my Mum when she moved there after my 18th birthday, so I will pop that on too.

4 TV shows I watch.

1) Ashes to Ashes - I was totally hooked on this fabulous program and can't wait for the new series next year. I would just love to be Alex swanning around in all those cool 80's clothes and flirting with DCI Gene Hunt. And catching all those bad guys. This will be one to buy when it comes out on DVD (on my wish list already hehe!)

2) Holby City - I'd love to talk like Connie Beauchamp, she has such a wonderful presents about her. You wouldn't want to mess with her and would trust you life in her hands.

3) Shameless - I know it's trashy and loud but I just have to watch it. It's so naughty.

4) Location, location location - this ones a love, hate thing really, I love to see all the gorgeous houses but hate the people that are looking for them. They just drive me mad and I scream at the telly "you flaming fussy lot, you don't know how lucky you are". Good old Kristy when she gives them a piece of her mind lol (you go girl).

4 Places I've been.

1) The beautiful Amsterdam - family holidays as a child.

2) The Le mans 24hrs race - I was 15 and with my Dad and 8 firemen, good times.

3) Ireland - where my Mum and Dad now live.

4) And Florida - less said about this one the better.

4 Things I love to eat.

1) Cupcakes - you would never of guessed that one lol

2) Eggs - cooked anyway you can think of scrambled, boiled or fried, they are so yummy. Free range only or organic, "chicken out" as Hugh would say lol

3) Quarter pounder's with salad and burger sauce - not the healthiest but so tasty. I crave them on a Friday night.

4) Gypsy tart and a big cup of Mocha. Hmmm just heaven. My poor teeth.

4 People who email me.

1) My lovely Mum.

2) The fabulous Tracy from Cupcakes at home.

3) The sweetie Claire from Made in Pixieland.

4) And the gorgeous Sam - Ben's sister. x

4 Places I'd rather be.

1) Living in Cheltenham - but I'd have to move my oldest daugther and little Granny too.

2) Broadstairs or Whitstable - in a lovely pink house by the sea.

3) In a home of our own with a sage green door, playroom, big kitchen, studio for me and chickens in the garden.

4) Snuggled up in bed with Ben, a hot chocolate and a good book.

The last question is 4 things to look forward to this year.

1) Spending time with my Mum and Dad in Ireland and enjoying her 60th birthday party while we're there.

2) Our 5 years together anniversary.

3) Having a holiday to one of the Featherdown farms. Lots of walks, playing, family and crafting time.

4) Doing another open day at the Luddesdown farm and hoping to make some money. And get new business out of it.

Well there you all go a little bit more about me. I'm not going to pass it on to anyone else, as after having a read through a lot of your posts. It must the time of year for tagging and lots of you have already been asked.

I have a couple of thank yous. This ones for the very sweet Alison over at Vintage Amethyst who gave me this one in a million friend award. You are very kind honey.

Pop on over and have a look at her blog she has also just opened her gorgeous website, full of pretty things. x

And this thank you is for Kitty over at Kitty's bloggy bits, your very sweet. thanks hun.x
Wow that was a long winded post, hoe you're all still here with me lol and haven't gone to sleep zzzz.

I'd never be able to pick a few of you for these awards so they go to all of you that I know as you are all one in a million and very crafty ladies.


Catherine x


Erin said...

I'm new... just took a peek at your store and your stuff is adorable! I need to learn how to figure out the prices in US dollars :)

Cute blog!

jules said...

popped over to you after reading another of tracy's posts, don't know where I would be without her daily ramblings. I too am an escapee from Kent. I lived in Dover, faversham and chatham. My daughter is still in Chatham. Also the location of your fav film Chocolat is just down the road from where I live now in Burgundy, France small world. Ok I'm going to pop back and have a look at your shop.


Garden girl said...

Move to Cheltenham and then we can eat cupcakes and watch Love Actually together! You'll have to provide your own chickens though.... Have a great weekend x

Raindrops to Rainbows said...

I rarely leave a comment on your blog, actually have i ever left one? - but i do enjoy it. I hope to be back soon!

Lindsay x

Kitty said...

You're very welcome on the award - very much deserved. x

driftwood said...

what a fun meme!
I know exactly what you mean about location location, where do they find those people?

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oooohh I love love love Chocolat too, have you read the books, I love those too!
I thought your Meme was fun, and you are so very welcome for the award and thank you for mentioning my website you are a sweetie pie!
Glad you like your pink heart too, they are adorable aren't they!
Love Alison x

Ragged Roses said...

Love, love, love Chocolat! Congrats on the very well deserved awards Catherine

Things Hand Made said...

I agree with the "move to Cheltenhem" !

julia said...

Great meme. I love "Truly, Madly , Deeply" too, I must have watched it 20 times, I know it word for word!
Julia x