Friday, 20 March 2009

Happy Mothers Day i know it's early.

To my mummy wishing you a very happy mothers day on Sunday, it's a little early because we're visiting family in Cheltenham and i didn't want to miss doing you a special blog. Sorry the photo's so old, nearly a year old in fact. April last year for your 60th was the last time i had a mum cuddle.

Sending you a very big hug across the sea and into your arms in Ireland.

Look at my mum wasn't she beautiful, i want to look this look on my wedding day. I think she looked amazing and still does. To me you are just mum and never get any older and your love it just grows stronger each day.

Inside this very special box tied with string and handmade tag with little old me on it was something, I'd baked for her ad had everything crossed that Mr Postman got it to her in one piece.
And he did. 6 yummy lavender and lemon lilac iced cupcakes. I know she's nearly eaten them all because i said open them as soon as they arrive, so i know they're safe and sound and she's let dad have only one bite lol well they are a mummies day present hehe!

Love you Mum hope to see you very soon.
And to all of you other mum's have a wonderful day.


bekimarie said...

Hi Catherine

What a beautiful gift to send your Mummy and they look so scrumptious aswell.
I've made mine a cake but fortunately don't have to send it through the post, I will be seeing her today.
You must really miss her but I bet she loved opening that box, I know I would.
I received the pegs, 'Thank you' sweetie!
Havae a wonderful Mothers day.
Beki xxx

April said...

what lovely cakes.

Happy Mothers Day to you too

April xx

madmummy said...

What a wonderful gift (would love the recipe!).
Have a lovely day tomorrow hon, isn't it lovely to see the sun shine, hope it continues...!
xxx Steph

MaryPoppins said...

Your yummy mummy cupcakes look delicious, no wonder your mum got into them straight away, I know I would have done :)

Happy Mother's Day to you


The Rose Room said...

Lovely cuppies! Happy Mothers Day! Rachaelxo

Shabby Chick said...

Those are beautiful cupcakes! I bet your mum was delighted. Feel like I should have made my Mum something now :-S

She looked lovely on her wedding day.

Mel xxx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hope you had a wonderful mothers day weekend hunny.

claire Maraldo said...

As your quality control tester, I can vouch for the fact that your cakes are superb!

I bet your mum was overjoyed!

Any time your cats need feeding, just ask!

Miss sew n sew said...

Hope you had a lovely Mothers day your cupcakes are sooooo sweet and what lovely photos of your mum.
I've posted your heart swap to you today but sent it by parcel force so takes about 4 days I do hope you like it!

jennyflower said...

Beautiful cakes, a work of heart. I hve sent my heart swap and it has arrived safe and sond. Thanks so much for puting it all together. Am i right in thinking you are in Kent?

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Hi, just to let you know I posted my heart swap yesterday, I didn't realise the postage date had been extended, but I couldn't fit any more in the box if I tried... I have emailed Jayne at cupcake fantasy too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, your heart swap is in the post and should be with you by Fri or Sat. I hope you like it, I have not taken part in a swap before. Kate x

Pixiedust said...

What a lovely post and a great mothers day present. xxx