Sunday, 19 April 2009

Getting our hands dirty and a little piece of allotment for Mr and Miss Cupcakes and their little cupcakes.

Powered with lots of these...
...and watched over from above
we all got stuck into our lovely little garden, well i say we but really i mean some of me and mostly Ben (farmer and veg grower Ben) his new nick name from me lol
Just look at how over grown the weeds where and look now...
...tar darrr! there is only a very small patch at the back, which i plan to attack next week. Daisy's so happy about it all she just ran around.
And Miss Molly got stuck in too, she's digging her way to Neverland lol and she's taking juice, crisps, a cushion and gloves, well you never know do you! LOL
These are only some of the first photos, farmer Ben has planted lots more now and I've put in some lovely flowers too. Just not got around to doing new photos. I will.
You can see that we've made it in to a fun game for the cats, now they have to do a bit of acrobatics's if they want to have a poo on this lot of baby beetroots and spring onions lol sadly the tiny pumpkin in the picture didn't make it. Due to being rather tasty to the slugs, but the beer traps are down now so it's bye bye to them. They are very, very drunk lol hic-up!
We have the most amazing Rosemary bush on one side, it was getting a little over hung so I've cut her back and now have loads of the stuff. If anyone would like any bags of it for crafting with e.g. like lavender hearts but with rosemary instead, please just email me. Molly and i started to strip off the wonderful smelling leafs, so i can just pop them into little bags for posting.
This weekend has just seen us all up at our local allotments, our very kind and lovely neighbour Fern has let us have a piece of hers. So we've been digging and weeding and making plans to what to plant in there. Ben (sorry farmer Ben hehe!) has taken some baby sweetcorn, peppers and chili up there ready to be popped in when it's all cleared.
The cupcakes love it there and want to help dig, dig and dig some more lol but they won't no matter how many times we ask, take out the green bits (weeds) and put them into a pile lol
Oh well they are helping in their own little way. And learning about fruit and veg, so that is a fabulous thing.
We got a beautiful apple tree today and i can't wait to have our very first crop off it. A long with the blueberries and strawberries, which i have lots of plans for. Fruity muffins for breakfast and apple crumble for tea. Any takers?
I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and aren't to sad to see Easter come to an end for another year. It will run until the end of April in the cupcake house, as i can't bear to put any of it away.
Much love,


Thecraftytrundler said...

You have been so busy, it will be fantastic when you gather the crops in!! I have 2 apple trees in the garden, and bought raspberry canes from a car boot today for £2.00! I love raspberry & apple pie!!

Have a great, sunny week : )

Sharon xx

Devon Dumpling said...

It sounds like you have had a very busy weekend! There is nothing like growing your own though, is there? My favourite bit is when the seedlings first come up, it's so exciting! Obviously the eating comes a close second! x

thriftymrs said...

You have been terribly busy haven't you?! :)

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh how exciting. Busy busy in the garden, lovely.
Glad you had a lovely weekend

Bobo Bun said...

Hi Catherine

Like your cats cradle to keep the cats off.

I sent you a reply to your email and now I wonder if I've sent it to the wrong place. Hope you got it ok.

Lisa x

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

oh my goodness, your blog is scrumptious!

benshort said...

I'm not sure I like being referred to as Mr Cupcake.

picciolo said...

just wanted to say hi, your garden looks great!
: )

madmummy said...

Hi Hon!
Looks like you have been working farmer Ben hard, garden looks great!!!
xxx Steph

Sam at THB said...

allotments is a dirty word in our neck of the woods at the mo - mean and nasty council have turned down our petition to turn an unused field into a central community veggie plot - boo hiss!

Sam at THB said...

allotments is a dirty word in our neck of the woods at the mo - mean and nasty council have turned down our petition to turn an unused field into a central community veggie plot - boo hiss!