Thursday, 30 April 2009

Oh to be a winner! but runners up place isn't all that bad

A while a go i made this Mothers Day card and emailed it to the lovely Cath Kidston for the make a mothers day card competition.

To my surprise here it is in the runners up photo, it's 4th down from the top on the right. (can you see it!) lol I can't believe i made it on to here again, does everyone that entered get on here or just a few of the favourites? I'd love to know as i was on here last with my paint an Easter egg too. Anyway I'm so pleased and thanks Cath if you liked it, you've made my day X
Did anyone else join in? please share with me if you did. I'm sure there must of been more than this sent in.
Hope you've all had a good week, yeay! it's Friday tomorrow and that means nearly the weekend again.
Right I'm off to paint some pegs for the fabulous Claire from Made In Pixieland or Elfie & Me. She's working on something a little special that will be on sale in her web shop very soon and has me on broad to help. Thanks sweetie for asking, I'm happy to help and am looking forward to our coffee and cake next week. Thanks for this afternoon I needed a break. It was good to pop round and chat. x
Big hugs,


bekimarie said...

Well done you, you must feel really pleased with yourself, I know I would be!
Beki xxx

Anonymous said...

Well done, that is great news! xxxx

Shabby Chick said...

I'd have thought they had a lot more entries than that, you must have impressed them! Well done, it's a lovely card :)

Mel xxx

LissyLou said...

Thats a lovely card, well done. I remember reading it, but i didn't enter. x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Well done, Catherine!!! What a great, original idea for a card!! Very impressive!!

Hugs : )

Sharon xx

bekimarie said...

Hi Hunni

Glad you found her, these links are doing my head in, i've followed 2 lots of instructions to the tee but they still don't work, it has to be my pooter.
You have a lovely swap partner in Mandy, she's become a very special bloggy friend of mine.
Beki xxx

p.s I loved the comment you left on mine about bloggy friends xxx

Kelly said...

heh, i came 2nd in that comp! i have entered a couple of other ones (make a stanley & the xmas stocking one) & those photos have made it onto the website too!

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Way to go! Well done. SueX

Bobo Bun said...

Well done you from the tired night nurse. Don't worry about being behind - I'm always last minute. Speak to you tommorow.

Lisa x

April said...

Oh Well done you! Clever Catherine!

April xx

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo well done, I love it, I hope you have it framed at home or did you have to send the actual card in, normally you can email a photograph can't you.

It is so pretty, and no
I didn't enter though may give her next competiton a little whirl ;)


Rubyred said...

Very impressive!Hey,well Done on being a runner up!
Rachel x

Devon Dumpling said...

Well done you! The card looks fab! x

gingerwine said...


I have been tempted just to send CK a picture as I would LOVE to work on some designs for her. I don't even want paying...just some freebees...

I can dreamxxxxxxx

S xxxx

jules said...

well done you, I think it was good enough to come first but hey I am not Cath(hehe)

keep up the good work

love jules xx