Monday, 11 January 2010

All this snow is making me still feel all Christmasy.

Is it just me or does it still feel alot like Christmas? i know all the decorations have been packed away and the last of the cake eaten but all the snow makes me feel magic is still in the air. Or maybe i just don't want to let go of that lovely feeling and let grey old January in. This is a photo taken by me while out walking with Mr cupcakes and the little cups. Our wood at the end of the road, it's full of wild life and my favourite feathered friends blue tits, they wouldn't stay still long enough to get a photo of them. Our own Winter wonderland and i thought I'd share a little bit of it with you x

Holding on to the last of the Christmasy ness, here's a funny poem by the lovely Jacqui at Pearl & Earl. Check out their website. Lots of fabulous present ideas.

gaudy baubles, fairy lights and lots of holly wreaths,... amaryllis, mistletoe and snogging underneath,... crackers, snowballs, advocat and grandma in a tizz,... mum always in the kitchen cooking, she really is a whizz,... pine needles getting everywhere, the hoover just packed in,... bowls of stale dates, a bag of nuts and a big quality street tin,... turkey with all the trimmings, and of course our yearly dose of sprouts,... dad says that they make him fart, and complains about his gout,... bond films, people dying on a soap and don’t forget the Queen,.. morecombe and wise season special with an appearance from barry sheen,... smells of cinnamon from the mulled wine remind us of the past,... but please don’t cringe, remind yourself Christmas really is a laugh...x
With love x


smilernpb said...

Thankfully the snow here is starting to melt. We have been forecast more, but it hasn't happened as yet.

I totally agree snow to me means Christmas, which is odd because it usually NEVER happens at Christmas time!!

I am loving the snow pictures!

Take care x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I do love the snow and the fact that I can keep warm indoors and make and create and plan for birthdays, valentines and Easter... I am getting myself organised this year...

Love the woodland picture wish I had some better footware to go out in the snow... goodness only knows where my wellies are! porbably in the shed with a family of mice living in them! lol

take care

FairlyGirly said...


I have given you a blog award.


Simply H said...

I loved the poem!
Just to let you know Catherine, I have awarded you a blog award. Details are on my blog!
Thanks, Helen x

Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi Catherine, I came across your Blog through cottontails. I too was just thinking the same today as the snow was falling outside! I loved reading your profile, I too would one day love to have a little small holding with donkeys one day! Keep warm, hugs, Catherine x

Claire said...

Cooee from "Downunder", enjoying the lovely snow photos. Love birds, particularly Robins so cute. As I look out my window, the sun is beating down the sunflowers are nodding in the breeze,apples ripening on the trees. Bees buzzing and lots of blue sky to be seen. Enjoyed your blog, best wishes for a crafty, polka dotty, 2010.