Saturday, 9 January 2010

Brrr! it's brass monkey's out there.

Saturday morning saw the cupcake house all wrapped up in lots of layers, hats, gloves, scarfs and coats. And setting off to the woodland walk up the road. We found a hill and set about sledging down it lol
First came Miss Molly in her leopard wellies, pom pom scarf and liquorice allsorts hat.
Followed closely by Miss Daisy, sporting her new pom pom bear hat and Stanley wellies.

After seeing how much fun it looked Mr cakes thought he'd have a go lol
Big kid LOL I'm sure he's not been the only Daddy to do this. Any excuse for a play hehe!
Back home and hot water botty for Daisy little feet, some chocolate buttons to make her feel better and snuggles under the eiderdown for Molly. Hot coffee and tea for me and Mr cupcakes.
And stood and watched the poor feathered friends in our garden. I'd spread the last of the left over goose fat on the end of the bread, filled an enamel plate with water for them too. They really need water to drink in this weather as well as fatty treats.
Our trees in the garden give them some shelter from the cold and snow.
Here is our favourite little fella, Mr Robin. He's made our garden his and his Mrs joins him the feed sometimes too. There is also a little family if blue tits, my favourite bird of all but they are safely tucked up somewhere in side a tree. I can't blame them really, as i type this there is a blizzard out there.
Thomas our cat isn't silly he knows the warmest place to sleep lol doesn't look the most comfortable of places though, crazy cat. His belly just about fits on.
He's keeping his paws crossed that this weather doesn't go on for much longer, it's far too cold out there to put his bottom down anywhere for a pee LOL
It's the funnest thing to see. A quick dash out, find a spot, wee and run for your life back indoors again. Our other cat Megan has to be carried out because she'd fight you all the way before she'd go on her own. They're now both fast asleep on the chair in our bedroom, next to the radiator. Not silly!
Wheres the post? is it me or have we not had any for over 3 days now! now i know it's bad weather but our fabulous milkman still gets here everyday with his delivery of much needed milk for our breakfast, tea and coffee's. And we thank him fromthe bottom of our hearts, so why can't the postman do the same. Sigh!
I sent out loads of cards this Christmas and haven't had hardly any post back and now nothing at all for 3 days, so I'm really not liked or is it all sitting around at the depot waiting to be sorted or lost in the magic postal world that is Royal mail. I hate to moan but when you run a business and rely on them, it really makes you think about finding someone else. I truly hope that all my Christmas cards and customer orders have got to you all. Maybe next year it would be easier to walk and post them all myself LOL
Keep warm and safe.
From a toastie cupcake house lots of love x


lemonade kitty said...

We too have had great fun sledging in the snow today glad you enjoyed yourselves. I had a black cat like yours but called Sooty, and a ginger cat called Thomas and yours is a black cat called Thomas!!! Your Thomas is sooo gorgeous, love Lucey xx

claire Maraldo said...

At least your cats go out for a pee! My lazy boys just fill up their tray with poo. I'm cleaning out their tray at least 5 times a day as it is too cold for them to park their bums outside! I'm guessing that their Eastern origins make them hate the cold as they are a couple of sun worshippers!

Yes, Kevin the milkman is a hero. I wonder if he'd feel embarressed if he knew how revered he is online by us?

charl said...

we've been sledging .. i did have to admit to enjoying it.. and it was somthing that we could all do.. so i guess thats good!!!.. i think all men are secret stunt men at heart arnt they and just long to show off their skills!!!...
our postman i think is the hardest working one in britain.. think imgoing to give him an award!!!

April said...

My Dear, dear Catherine - thank you for my lovely Christmas card and I am really sorry that I forgot to send you one in return - time just ran away with me and I kept forgetting to update your address in my book!

Sorry sweetie


April xx

A Quilter Awakens said...

Love your photos! Karmen

Pom Pom said...

What a sweet blog you have! I love cupcakes, too! Lovely pictures!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahhh look at those little sweeties, I could literally eat them all up! (well if that wasn't such a frightening thought anyhoo!!! lol).
They are just adorable.