Monday, 4 January 2010

It's all over so fast, but we had a good time. Thanks Santa x

In the early hours (well not too early lol) of the morning. The cupcakes woke to find Santa had been and left them gifts in their stockings as well as under the Christmas tree.

And once our teenager joined us from her sleepy bed hehe! the opening of Santa gifts took place. Look what miss Molly got, just what she'd asked him for. And a pink scooter too. You must of been a very good girl last year. You can just spy Mr cupcakes in the back ground putting together miss Daisy's gift from Santa.
Yes a Ben 10 scooter lol our young Daisy is the biggest tomboy ever. All the boys at playgroup and Molly's school love her lol Poor Daddy cupcakes is going get more and more grey hairs by day. There will be no hope by the time she's a teenager LOL I don't think we should be worried though, I've heard lots of people say that their boys love to play with dolls, our Daisy is just into boys stuff. I must add that we've bought their beautiful dresses for our wedding (a bargain in the kids Monsoon sale hehe!) and Daisy just loves her pretty very pink girlie dress lol so she has a real mix of boy/girl in her. LOL And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Now as Christmas days go ours was a nice family one, with just Mr cupcakes, me, the cupcakes and Jade. There was some wearing of silly hats and bad jokes in the crackers. Q: Why did the strawberry get a lawyer? A: Because it was in a jam. sigh!
There was some stuffing of the bird (oi! cheeky lol) Thanks Mr cupcakes for one of the best Christmas dinners ever. Everything was yummy. I'm a lucky lady because i sort out the rest of Christmas, ie: cards, presents, posting them, wrapping them, decorations, Christmas cakes etc, etc... so this means that Mr cupcakes cooks Christmas day dinner. This year he even cooked my favourite gammon, with my yummy topping for me because i had a cold. Awww what a sweetie. Thanks baby. X

Before and while the bird was cooking we had a nice winter walk to work up an appetite and to build our strength for opening the rest of the presents. We both can't stand it that most Christmas days are over so fast, with a free for all of tearing wrapping paper off and it all being over in 5 mins flat, so in our house we just open stockings and Santa gifts first and save the rest for later. The cupcakes don't seem to mind because they don't know any different. And it makes the day last for them and us. What funny things or ways do you do on Christmas day?
We also saved the cake until Boxing day. This one anyway lol i made 2 so Mr cupcake could have some with his tea in the afternoons before the big day.
The famous Granny cupcakes came for the day on Boxing day and we spent it chatting, playing games, opening more presents she'd brought with her (naughty lady), watching films, eating cheese, crackers, cold meats and pickles, more cake, wearing silly hats again and just spending some good old fashion family time together. Thank you cupcake family for making it a lovely one. And to mine and Mr cupcakes family that couldn't be with us, you where on our minds. And we missed having you here. X

So the cupcakes go back tomorrow to school and playgroup, and the house will be a quite once again until 3.30ish when we all get home again. I'm getting stuck into some new projects for Spring and did i mention our wedding in May lol well there is the matter of that to take in hand. The biggest one for me is what the hell am i going to wear? Getting down to my ideal weight of 9 stone needs to happen first before any dress trying on takes place lol no more cakes, crisps or sweets for me. Lots of fruit and veg, oh god new year resolutions! yes losing weight is at the top of mine. I don't need to lose loads but just some to make me feel better in myself.
And living by this wonderful piece of advice written below, which i found on another blog ( I'm so sorry but i can't remember who's blog it was).
The first part of it is very important to me this year and i want to try my very best to carry these words in my head, if certain people try and invade my life.
I strongly feel that the second part of it is true and i have been living by the everything happens for a reason line for over 6 years now. I wouldn't be where i am or who i am now if i didn't. I have truly gone back to being the person my Mummy cupcake brought in to the world all those years ago. And stopped turning into someone I'm not and didn't want to be anymore. I am that bird set free to fly and grow into the real me. Thanks Ben.
Life is to short to wake up in the morning with regrets.
So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the one's who don't.
And believe that everything happens for a reason...
If you get a chance - take it;
If it changes your life - let it.
Nobody said it would be easy...
They just promised it would be worth it.
Happy new year everyone, back soon more things to say.
With love,


Tracy x said...

lovely pictures of a super lovely family x
and the words at the end are simply wonderful..
so much love to you my friend - i am hoping to be there for your big day - just needs some serious planning!
need to avoid lambing time :)
and as for the giant cupcake from the shop?
i dragged it all the way up here with me!!
no idea what to do with it now but just could not put it in the bin!
love to you as always
t x

smilernpb said...

Cute post. It sounds like you had a fab Christmas!

Happy New Year to you all.

Devon Dumpling said...

Sounds like you had a great time and are looking forward to lots of nice things in 2010 x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Happy new year.
Lovely photographs. I hope you all have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2010.