Sunday, 13 January 2008

And the winners are!

Well I couldn't just choose one and everyone of your comments meant something special. It was great to read them all. Home means something different to each and everyone of you. Thank you all for sharing. And if i where a rich lady I'd of treated everyone of you but sadly that's not the case my business is only small not in the millions yet lol

1st place goes to: Kathy - My life and other beads. Your home sounds just like ours.
Home, the place where sometimes it's calm, sometimes it's noisy (ok rather a lot), sometimes it's fraught, sometimes it's lonely (1st day back at school especially) but most of all it's just lovely. (and full of dust and washing)

2nd place: Shabby Shac with Home is where I feel safe with my family, and safe in the fact everyone is at home safe together. I feel relaxed at home and find it really relaxing knowing that I can walk round and do what I want when I want, like eat a whole packet of biscuits! if I feel sad then I can feel sad and pick myself up again. When I am really happy I can jump up and down on my own bed and no one knows. (we do now hehe!)

3rd place: Kitty - Kitty's Bloggy Bits with Home is where it's ok to be 'me' all the time. Where my kids can be 'them', where 'we' can be 'us'.

Well done to the 3 winners please send me your addresses and your prizes will be on there way to you very soon. Email is I look forward to hearing from you. x

I thought I'd just share this photo with you all it's the first thing I see every time I walk through our front door. And what ever the weather outside the warm soft lilac colour on the walls (not shown very well in this photo) and these my favourite pictures, just makes me smile. I can close the door behind me and feel safe and warm at home.

And here is a beautiful twig heart I got from our local florist with some birthday money. I just can't resist a heart. It now hangs on our front door inside but I couldn't get a good photo of it hanging there. I have now spotted it has it's own little occupant a cute little spider. He can stay maybe he's a money spider and will bring us some luck in 2008 lol

Today Home means warm and cosy cuddles on the sofa, hot coffee and a very small gypsy tart, the girls laughing and playing (and a bit of screaming and fighting lol) some crafting, a look through the new Country Living mag, and the cats snuggled up in their own special spots happy to be indoors safe and dry away from the pouring rain and gusty winds outside.

And lastly looking forward to the first kiss from Ben as he gets in from work and the girls jumping up for their cuddles and shouting "Daddy" daddy daddy!

The best place in the world HOME x


Catherine x


Garden girl said...

I love your heart, have been coveting one myself for a while! Your washing up brush was christened at the weekend and made washing up a most pleasureable experience (ok, not really, but it helped)x

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

I love your pictures and the twig heart is to die for,hope you are all well and enjoying a happy new year.
Love n hugs,
Kat x

Ragged Roses said...

Congrats to your winners. Love the twig heart too, gorgeous. On days like today home is the best place to be!

Kitty said...

Oh my word - I'm third! How lovely - thank you so much - will email soon.

That twig heart is gorgeous, as are the pictures in your hallway. Hope you enjoy your indoors day - I have to brave the rain to do the school run soon - I'll look like a drowned rat by the time we get home! Take care. x

driftwood said...

your twig heart, is lovely, what a treat, and I love the way you have a beautiful hall to welcome you when you come home.

shabby chic said...

I am so chuffed at receiving 2nd place . Many thanks I went and had a bounce on my bed too!. It was a really nice post, to have one on what our homes mean to us. Especially today when it is so wet and dreary outside its nice being cosy inside. I love the twig heart it looks lovely. The hall pictures are lovely too . I hope you enjoyed your hot choccy
thanks again Dominique

julia said...

I have that very same heart but I only put it up at Christmas, I'm going to get it out right now and put it up!
Let me know when you're next here and I'll take you to the best coffee shop in town!
Julia xx

Katy said...

congratulations to the winners!!!!
I love that twig heart, my sis in law has one just like it.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Well done to all the winners!
I love your heart, I'm a bit of a sucker for hearts too!
Love Alison x

Rubyred said...

Hi Catherine,love your twig heart.What's a gypsy tart?

Sandra Evertson said...

Lovely blog!
Sandra Evertson

Kitty said...

Hi Catherine - just dropping by to say a very big thank you! My parcel arrived today, and contains loveliness. Thank you so much. xx

shabby chic said...

Hi catherine,
Many thanks for the lovely gift that arrived today too. It is so lovely & it has pride of place in my home.
Many many thanks
Dominique X

ps have left a thank you on my blog too x