Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Who me?

I'm very flattered thank you Steph at Curlew Country for awarding me with this lovely thing.

I now have to write down 7 things about myself and pass it on to others. So sorry if you've already got one but you know what they say you can't have enough of a good thing ;)

Well here's goes.

1- I just love cream cheese, strawberry jam and sliced banana on crispbreads. And now my girls love it too. Give it a try, it sounds a little odd together but believe me it's very yummy.

2- I hate going out before the postman's been, it drives me mad when they don't deliver until late argh! I pace up and down the living room, "where is he" when he does come there is a bundle for the front door as the girls want to help collect everything hehe!

3- I also like many of you have a silly amount of tea towels, about 23 in fact. All different dots, florals and patterns. You can never have enough and always need more hehe!

4- People in queues moaning about being in the queue, especially in the post office at Christmas. They just make me want to scream. I can't stand it and don't want to hear it. As you know I have 2 little ones under the age of 3 so standing in a long queue isn't my idea of fun but I go prepared with drinks and yummies for the long wait. Without my post office my little business wouldn't work. I take my hat off to our ladies working in the post office last year, they did a great job. And I made sure I told them every time I went in. And knickers to all those that went in and moaned at the top of their voices, don't you know by now that only makes them serve slower lol

5- I can't eat with those wooden chip forks you get in sea side chippy's. Ooow just thinking about them make me shudder. And don't get me started on people that chew paper, yuk!

6- I have about 3 years worth of magazines, stored in our dining room fireplace. I just can't bring myself to recycle them and tell myself I will go though all of them one day and make mood boards for our dream home out of them. But for now I'll just look at them every now and then. And ooow awww at all the lovely things inside.

7- Bunting! I just love it and would have it hanging in every room if I had my way lol. I think it just brightens up anywhere. I haven't yet taken down the gorgeous vintage bunting Julia from Vintage Heaven made me. It's been up since my birthday in Dec 07, maybe it can stay until after Easter.

There you go everyone some more bits and bobs about little old me :) hope I didn't bore you all, "she says with a big yawn"!

Have you seen these lovely pink bins? I have to get one for the kitchen. Funny how a pink bin can make me so happy. I think maybe I've been in hibernation a little to long lol anyhoo a proper bin complete with lid and foot pedal will make life less stressful, as Daisy likes to help herself to rubbish out of our crappy old bin yuk! you see it has no lid and is full of dents, from me fighting with it to get the bags out. Not one of my best buys from Ebay. Hopefully Daisy won't be able to open this one and it will look pretty good in our kitchen.
You can find them on http://www.next.co.uk/

Rain, rain and more flaming rain whens it going to end? Staying because you want to is one thing but staying in because if you try and go out you get soaked is another. I walk everywhere and the girls are nice and dry but I get wet, hot and bothered :( Why can't they invent something that keeps us mum's with buggies dry too?

Daisy is all ready for the rain and is getting chocolate powered for all the puddle jumping she'll be doing. I'd better put them on the right feet first hehe!
Lets hope we can put these away very soon and get out for lovely long Spring walks and pick wind flowers and berries.


Catherine x

Ps: silly me I nearly forgot 7 other lovely ladies to award amazing blogger too:

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Please don't worry if you can't be bothered or don't have the time to post 7 things about yourselfs. Just know I think you're all amazing and make me smile, cry, laugh, think, inspire and come back day after day for more. X

Thank you bloggers for being there. x


shabby chic said...

Hi catherine,
Yes I loved it & I love pink very much too. You must definaetely do them for your website / craft fairs too.
mmmm those crackers sound interesting?!. I might try and give it a go!.
That pink bin you like is lovely. They are doing these in Asda as I was looking for a pink one. They had duck egg blue bin , it was a very big one and they were £15.00. Next time i go up to Asda I will have a look and look through the boxes & see if they do come in pink as well. I think the lid was flatter and not rounded though.
Normally if I go to the post office as it is just over the road so I am lucky if it is busy I just go home again( but I know not everyone has one on their doorstep so that might not be ideal for everyone). You sound very organised when you go especially with your little ones. Love the picture of her in her little cute wellies

take care X Dominique

Kitty said...

I think the ladies in the Post Office do a great job too! At Christmas the queues were winding back down the shop and out of the door - they were so busy, but you're right - without them, we'd be in a sorry way.

The pink bin is fab - I have a blue one in my blue and yellow kitchen.

Take care. x

Nonnie said...

Well I do like bananas on toast so maybe I'll give them a try on the crispbread. Not sure about the cream cheese and strawberry jam but I'll give it a go! Definitely with you on the bunting and teatowels. You can never have too many tea towels. I've had bunting up in my kitchen for over a year now. Just love it. I did however tell my Mum to take her bunting down as it was hanging outside her summerhouse and was getting all damp and tatty. I'll have to make her some more ready for the summer.

driftwood said...

congrats on your award, I'm more of a peanut butter and strawberry jam on crispbreads girl!

Vintage Amethyst said...

*Congratulations* on your award!
My husband doesn't like those wooden chip forks either, I love eating chips with them! He doesn't like lolly sticks either ~ odd!
Love Alison x

Kathy said...

Catherine, Thank you so much for the very gorgeous picture I absolutely adore it - even more so knowing it is handmade. Thank you - life is a bit difficult for me at the moment, your gift has been very tearily received. Thank youx

Kathy said...

Thank you Catherinex

Rubyred said...

Hi Catherine,
Have to agree with you on the bunting.I am always going through piles of magasines,ripping out bits for ideas,good luck with sorting your stash!

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Catherine
Congrats on the award, it is well deserved, you have such a warm and humorous blog, I love visiting. Wow and thank you too for giving it to me, what a lovely surprise at the end of your post! It's been good finding out more about you Catherine, I might give that crispbread topping a go. I have an embarrassingly large collections of tea towels too, just love the fabrics. Well done you too for mentioning the local post offices, couldn't agree more! I also remember getting soaked pushing around buggies. Keep warm and dry and thank you

Curlew Country said...

Catherine you are a woman after my own heart! Not so sure about the cream cheese thingy but I am soooooooo with you in the tea towel camp (do you have ones that people get black looks for using aswell?!)
Your 7 really made me smile - knickers to the whingers too I say, (although I can whinge for England on the right subject! My favourite being - why is it neccessary to empty the bins/ sweep the roads etc at rush hour????)
Have a smashing weekend

julia said...

You like pink, really, never would have known!!!!
Thanks for the award hon, yours is truly deserved, you make everyone smile!
Glad the bunting is still in service
Julia xx

ps. Not sure abount the whole crispbread thing though!!

Katy said...

Queue moaners wind me up no end too. It makes me do things in slow motion, just to annoy them even more, ha ha ha ha!!!

Jennie said...

I'm not too sure about the cream cheese, strawberry jam and banana on crispbreads but I may just have to give it a go.
I agree you can never have too many tea towels (nearly put chip forks then!)
Are those Peppa pig wellies?
Love your blog.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Theres nice to recieve an award, your site is so nice to visit. Oooh I love cream cheese and jam on crisbread too, haven't tried it with banana though. Also marmite and cream cheese is tasty!!
I love the bin, I saw them in Asda to, but when i went to get the cream one they were sold out and I hate spending to much on bins i can't believe how much some of them cost..
I never seem to have enough tea towels, I think I have a tea towel thief like the sock thief.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi, me again, just wondering if you have seen the new cupcakes kitchen range in BHS, it looks like its made just for you. Think I will just have to buy it, can you imagine my boys faces if they had to eat off them, I'll just buy myself one set!!