Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Blowing the cobwebs away lol

After a rather dull and boring Saturday the high light being the weekly shopping trip to Sainsburys and fighting our way thought everyone else in Kent, it seemed like the though of some snow had brought everyone out for extra supplies lol people go mad (argh! snow I need bread, milk and salt) hehe!
Why we decided to go on a Saturday I don't know, I think we just wanted to get out of the house. So after moving around the store at a snails pace and fighting with Daisy to not run off every time we put her down to walk or wriggle like a fish when she was being carried, we checkout and came home. Vowing never to go food shopping on a Saturday again.
Sunday brought a more calm tune with it. And we set off to Whitstable for a winter walk and little nose around the few shops that where open. Stopping only to have a naughty McDonald's for a lunch time treat. Didn't fancy fish and chips just the sea air.
Hands full of these, we made our way down to the sea.
The girls set of first stopping only to laugh at us when we said not fast. We really didn't want Daisy going head first into the sea. Cold water wouldn't stop her lol
As you can see we were well prepared for cold weather but surprisingly it was very warm. No high winds or stormy seas just lovely bright sunshine.

But still cold enough for hats, gloves, scarfs and woolly jumpers. I love Daisy's cheeks in the photo above she has about 6 layers on lol there is nothing like being prepared.
Here we are looking for crabs and shells, anything we found mind you ended up going back into the sea. Both girls just love to make splashes. Daisy would like to make the biggest with herself hehe!
A last run around before we head back to the town for a nose round the shops. I just love the florist not only beautiful flowers but gorgeous gifts and it all smells of nice. Another favourite is Taking the plunge, sorry they don't have a website just yet. the shops full of lovely handmade and unusual items. I'm hoping to get so business from them this year. Fingers crossed.
We popped in Harbour books but came out empty handed. And was sad to see the yummy sweet and ice-cream shop was closed, oh well next time ;)
Back at the car the clouds came over and poured down on the way home. We where very lucky to have missed it and we where all nice, warm, cosy and dry in the car.
A few cobwebs blown away and ready to start the week all fresh and clear headed.

Back at baby bounce on Tuesday for the girls and a nice chat and coffee for me while they play. Sad to say today they have both got the runny noses back, so it's out with the calpol and cosy quilts. Dvd's and CBeebies to keep them and Mummy happy and insane lol I mine sane hehe!
Molly got a nice surprise from the postie, a gorgeous pair of chocolate slipper boots from I got they with her Christmas money from Uncle Tony.
So a big kiss X and thank you from Molly, she loves them and her feet are now nice and warm.

Now I might get Daisy a pair so they don't fight over them hehe! her slippers are looking a little small.
I'm loving reading all your HOME comments and will be choosing the winner/winners on Friday.
So keep them coming.
Have a lovely week come rain, snow or shine.


Catherine x


driftwood said...

looks like a great day on the beach. I met someone today who said they'd hunted for tiny little Cowrie shells on a beach in Kent, can you find them near you?

Katy said...

Leo got some of those boots for christmas from his Granny - and although I thought they were a little girly at first, they look fab on and he hasn't had them off since!!!!
The seaside at Whitstable looks gorgeous - what a beautiful sunny day, perfect beach weather. Makes me want to go running about and chasing the sea too...but it's raining :(

Garden girl said...

I love walking on the beach in winter, it's one of my favourite things, and as a result we make an annual pilgrimage to St Ives in Cornwall to get our 'beach fix'. It's all very well and lovely living in the Cotswolds, but sometimes you just need lungfuls of sea air, not cow pats, don't you think?x

Curlew Country said...

Oh you've got the sweetest girls! Love Daisy's butterfly jumper, can you get them in mummy size?! How ace to get to the sea, we live almost in the middle of the country, about as far from the sea as you can get, so it's a once a year treat for us. What a fab day you had.

Annie's Abode said...

Your beautiful daughters are just too cute. Enjoy them as they up to fast - not that they are not just as lovable!


Vintage Amethyst said...

Are they just the cutest!
I love wrapping up warm & cosy for days at the beach.
Alison x

pink-petal-designs said...

Your seaside pics looks lovely, looks like a nice sunny day. Glad you had fun. Those boots are george.Just like your lovely girls !
Sarah x

buttercup & roses said...

What a lovely day out at the beach you had, the girls look so cute all wrapped up in there jumpers and scarves...
I want mollys boots, they look so snuggly!

Hope you are all well and happy,

Jen xx

saraeden said...

Hi hun , thanks for the comments on both my blogs !! i will email you about the birds !!

your girlies are sooo cute :0)

Chat to you soon
Love Sara x

Miles Away In France said...

I so so enjoyed this post, the photos of the beach are lovely, your girls are adorable, I felt like I could crouch down in front of them for a little chat and a beautiful smile.

I am homesick for England at the moment so this was a real indulgence for me.
Thanks for sharing.

Racheal x