Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Happy birthday Grandad.
He's the grand old age of 89 today. Many happy returns to you, you sweet lovely man.

That's my little Gran with him. I love this photo, it reminds me of happy times. Sadly he is no longer living with Granny as he has been suffering from outsimers for over 11 years and is now in a wonderful nursing home in Kent. Where he gets the full time help he needs.
Gran was up with the birds this morning off out down the town to get his birthday cake (chocolate of course hehe) that is his favourite. So he'll have a special day with cake, cards and gifts. We never know weather he knows whats going on, some days he's up singing and others he's a shell of a man. Granny and the staff will give him a nice time. And I'll be visiting sometime over the next week or so. As I'm full of this nasty throat infection and wouldn't want to give it to anyone else. To risky.
Have a nice day Grandad, we're all thinking of you. x

Work, work, work. An order for more dotty hearts 84 of them painted and dotted ready for hanging and varnish.

Here they are tied and ready to go. Off to my first favourite shop in Cheltenham. Check out her website it's just gorgeous.
While I was on a roll with heart painting I put together this little lot. I got the idea from the yummy love heart sweets. They come in packs of 5 tied with a piece of ribbon and at only £3.75 a pack they're not going to break the bank. A cute gift for all the romantics out there. Hang them around the house or in places to be found by you're loved one ;)

And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, you can drop lots of hints if you'd like for yourself. hehe!

I have another 5 too show you tomorrow, can't get a good photo right now. But they have different messages on them. Come back and see.

We've been having the most bizarre weather, this was the sky one after last week. What a wonderful colour, it does remind me of a horror film though (Dracula with Keanu Reeves) very odd sky colours in that. Oooow! hehe

Thankfully today is lovely and sunny here in Kent. I'm sitting here blogging and painting stock for another order. And watching the clouds in the blue sky roll on by. One looks like a pound sign, do you think someones trying to tell me something? lol

The washing finished now so I'd best get in out and dried. I forgot to say if anyone would like a any packs or pack of the hearts just drop me an email x

Have a good afternoon.


Catherine x


shabby chic said...

Hi Catherine
Happy birthday to your grandad ,. When my children catch colds etc , I always keep them away from nanny & grandad.I always think its harder to shake it off once they get older. I always worry as they are my precious mum & dad. My mums like dont worry but I worry !.Like we do!.
Well done on your order for Rosablue. I bet that has kept you very busy, they look lovely. It must be nice having a little business ,you can fit round your little girls & not forgetting the big sis. Amber my daughter is ten and comes in handy especilly when I say " oh can you run upstairs and get me this or that !", when I am being lazy!. Anyway glad its sunny in kent and its sunny brighton too here today
Have a lovely week
I must go & get the little people from school soon !
X Dominique

Garden girl said...

Hello Catherine, you have obviously been a busy girl! Haven't heard of Rosablue, which is odd as I live ten minutes from Cheltenham and shop there most weekends, will check out her website in a sec, thanks for that!
Hope your Grandad has a lovely birthday, am sure the choccie cake will go down well!x

Rubyred said...

Hi Catherine.Happy Birthday to your lovely grandad!Hope he enjoys his chocolate cake.Good luck with your order.I've been making little bunnies today.

Kitty said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandad - Old Timers is a horrible illness isn't it? I hope he's having one of his 'up' days for his birthday.

Sorry to hear about your throat - hope you feel much better soon.

I'm off to check out that rosablue site now.

Take care. x

sal hall said...

Hi...Hope your grandad had a great day.
Glad I found your blog! Sal;-)

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Catherine, sorry to hear that you're still unwell. Happy belated birthday to your grandad. Love all your hearts, you have been very busy. Take care of yourself and get well soon
Your heart is in the post!

White O'Morn said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely grandad. He looks so happy!
Love your blog and want to let you know it was the first one I came across and it inspired me to start my own. I love putting up "before and after" photos of my cottage in Ireland. It is such fun! I only have had one comment so far - but it is a nice one. Best of luck to you...Pam

Sophie Stansfield said...

How wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Granddad!
Thanks so much for your comments Catherine, they mean so much and I am thrilled that you are thinking of Etsy - I shall write to you about it in an email - my fingers are crossed!
Sophie x